Sam Mendes officially turns down James Bond 24

News Simon Brew 6 Mar 2013 - 11:07

The director of Skyfall, Sam Mendes, will not be directing the next James Bond adventure after all...

Rumours had been rife that, hot off the success of Skyfall, director Sam Mendes might be tempted back to the director's chair on the next James Bond movie. The thus-far untitled Bond 24 is set to shoot at the end of the year (from a script by John Logan), for release in 2014, and Mendes was the running favourite to direct.

However, it's not going to happen.

While James Bond 24 presses ahead, Empire is reporting that Sam Mendes has officially declined the chance to direct the film. "It has been a very difficult decision not to accept Michael and Barbara’s very generous offer to direct the next Bond movie", Mendes said, explaining "but I have theatre and other commitments, including productions of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and King Lear, that need my complete focus over the next year and beyond".

Mendes doesn't rule out returning to direct another James Bond film in the future. But for producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, the search is on for someone to fill Mendes' shoes. No easy task, although Rupert Wyatt has just dropped out of directing The Equalizer...


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A wise move by Sam.

Whatever the next Bond film, it will not be as good as Skyfall, so why try. He'll go down in history as the best Bond director while the next director will go down in history as 'not as good as Skyfall'.

Christopher. Nolan. He said he's always wanted to do a Bond movie.

Too bad. Didn't like Skyfall's script, but it was gorgeous and very well directed.

Joe Carnahan. The movie would so manly you'd grow extra testes just watching the trailer.

I can understand that he wouldn't want to have to top himself what with Skyfall turning out to be one of the biggest movies of all time.

Just as long as we keep the same cinematographer ...

I suspect that might be a good reason not to do another. Roger Deakins lit Skyfall so beautifully with just about every variety of setup that anything following would either be a pale imitation or underwhelming, no matter how well it was done.



It's a real shame he turned it down, but it was probably the right decision. After all the success of Skyfall, financially and critically, I think the pressures to somehow make the follow-up both better and more successful would be unbelievably high. I won't bother speculating on who should or will direct the next one, as any rumours currently doing the rounds seem to be little more than unlikely fan fantasies, but whoever does take the helm of Bond 24 has certainly got their work cut out.


would love this, but didnt he get snubbed and he already say he would never do one after he got snubbed?

Agreed, Skyfall was stunning! If they could somehow keep Deakins on it would be fantastic!

That would be brilliant, Ben!!

Thank God for that. Can we get someone who can direct please? And get something out of the people who are in it, rather than wooden dead eyed stares.

Skyfall was well directed????? There was not a lot to direct.

The opening was epic and good. After that the whole film fell asleep until you got to the remake of Home Alone at the end.

It was TERRIBLE. I know people loved it, and people on here loved it, but I hated it.
I just hope they have got a decent story this time, and put some effort and action into it, and go to somewhere more interesting than a court room or the London Underground...
Sam Mendes should get a job at the BBC filming Spooks / Casualty or Eastenders. He would fit right in......

Yes lets get Tarantino in! He would liven it up no end. We might get some action and at least the dialogue might crackle.....

I really dont get it. I must have watched a different film to everyone else...Is it just me???????

Heheheh Yes and no, True and Untrue....

He's choppin' Broccoli.

Skyfall was NOT the best Bond film, it was good, but not the best..

And all the rubbish about Adele's song getting all those awards astounds me!
It was only slightly better over the opening credits as it was a million poor times on the radio!

Whoa k
King Lear and Charlie and the chocolate factory stage productions take precedence over James Bond?! Weak.

Tony Scott

Ah, not if Deakins' work is the new standard for the series.

I'd prefer Brosnan's Bond karate chops to Bale's tdkr bullcrap any day, so I don't know. I get the feeling that Jason Bourne can beat up batman, maybe even the Jeremy renner Bourne. I have no suggestions for director, Tom hardy for Bond


Davros01, man, sometimes you just have to accept that you'll disagree with the majority on a film. It happens. It seemed everyone but me had drunk the Kool-Aid with regards to The Matrix - I thought it was a bit of a boring wankfest, to be honest - but I just had to accept that my opinion was a rarity.

Now that EON has returned 007 to the stale formula it originally was, perhaps John Glen could be signed-up as 'series Director' once again.

Really????? That's a bit off colour

Ditto me with 300. I thought it was all style and no substance. Couldn't stand the gold tint over everything :(

Tom Hardy for Bond!!!! Let's start the campaign RIGHT NOW

Chris Nolan is NOT going to do the next Bond film, as much as I'd love to see that, he's committed to producing 'Transcendence' for Wally Pfister and then directing 'Interstellar' himself... that will take him up to 2015 at least. Nolan will direct Bond one day, but it'll likely be the first film for a brand new Bond actor, wherein he can shape the direction himself rather than maintaining a previously set direction...

As for the next Bond film, there's only one real choice for that; step forward Mr Alfonso Cuaron... and hold the release date to 2015 so they can get the very best script possible in place prior to cameras rolling...

300 was no way near as acclaimed as Skyfall was, nor was it as successful, so not sure that'd be a fair comparison.

But agreed with Skyfall, it was okay, but I thought it had numerous issues and definitely not as good as Casino Royale

Hahaha le chiffre's rope that's classic

His direction helped elevate Skyfall - the plot was okay, but his direction lifted it up a great deal.

Oh good. Shinzon as Bond... He's an okay actor, but even TNG season 1 shows a good cast can deal with rubbish material... of course, TNG season 1 is far better than "Star Trek Nemesis"...

Skyfall needed a little more explanation for things, and a little less fantastical and simpleton treatment; the movie often glosses over detail, especially for one prison break scene that had me rolling my eyes in the theater...

It takes a really good director to make something so cliched even remotely workable... the fact I only rolled my eyes and not walked out is a good sign.

Some of his movies don't appeal to me, but having read a couple of the Bond books and knowing how un-PC and dark Bond is supposed to be, I'd say Tarantino would be a fairly solid fit into the franchise...

Actually, given how sophomoric and convenient the plot and its development were at times, it takes a strong director (and others) to overcome the plot's shortcomings. "Skyfall" has a lot to thank from the production side to things - the plot has potential, but having seen other films penned by the writer, "Skyfall" is a solid, intellectual masterpiece compared to the previous movies scribbled out (Gladiator, Star Trek Nemesis, etc).

If he's interested.
John Glen did make a lot of Bond flicks that much better.... "A View to a Kill" is rubbish on so many levels, but it is more watchable than "The Man with The Golden Gun", "Moonranker", every Bond flick filmed in the 1990s... thanks to John Glen...

Yes thats true. I get it...I just dont get it if you "get me" hehehe Matrix was ok, but the sequels were crap. I sometimes wonder about the original Matrix. I think part of the love for it came from the fact that it was released in the same year as the first StarWars prequel the Panting Moonface. If that had been a great , superb epic perfect Starwars film, Matrix would have probably get less hype and publicity.

But all the scifi genre fans jumped on it because it came out of nowhere and was "way better than starwars" so it got all the love. It was good film though, just not as good as all the hype made it out to be.

Skyfall is still crap, even if everyone else thought it was good. Have you ever heard the song "I should be so Lucky" by Kylie Minogue? It was her first song ever and it was UTTER SH**E but it spent five weeks as the number 1 single in the Uk. Because people are often very stupid. What can you do?

I hate Adele..I mean I REALLY HATE ADELE. I am at the point now when I see her on TV I feel physically sick. The trouble is my wife loves her. Can you see the problem I have???????

My wife thinks she is great, and keeps playing her albums in the car etc etc, and I could take it or leave it. But then she gets the James Bond song and is EVERYWHERE for weeks and its got to the stage now wher I think she sounds and sings like somebody with constipation and who is having their own head forced up their own rear ends. Thats how bad it is for me. SKYFAAAWWWWLLLLL WOOOOWWOWWAAAAH WAAAH WOOOARRRR....on and on and on. Last time I looked Skyfall does not have a W in it.

The thing is, I understand why everyone is going ape about her. Its because modern music is so unbelievably CRAP now, that anyone looks good. All there is music wise in 2013 is angry black rappers shouting, soulfull black women singers bawling and wowling, and crappy little manufactured boy bands and girl bands / solo artists murdering classic songs and murdering songs that they have allegedly "written"

Where has the talent gone? The inovative bands that write their own stuff and play their own instruments. The new Pink Floyds? The new Rolling Stones? The new Jimi Hendrix? The new Guns and Roses? The new U2? The new Blondie? I could go on for hours...just insert and one of your own classic favourite groups / artists into that list.

I know they are out there , they just dont get the publicity and hype that people like Adele gets. I have given up. I just listen to stuff I like and avoid everything!

You think? Gladiator was ok, and bit slow at times Nemesis was crap though. The whole problem I have with Skyfall is the feel of the film. There are so many things missing or just wrong that it does not FEEL like a James Bond film.
The music is awful, no bond theme at all, it just pops up a bit towards the end, no gadgets very much, just a classic Aston, no glamourous locations at all, boring long winded scenes that are supposed to add depth but just come across as self indulgent and dull. eg the shaving scene, the art gallery sit on a bench and talk for ages scene, the court scene, I want JAMES BOND not Rumpole of the Baily and so on.
The look of the film is gloomy and glum. There is no action, it just looks like a made for Tv drama. The more I think about it the more annyoed I get at how much people loved it and bought into it, because it means we will get more of the same from now on.

Heheh...say what you like about 300, your both right, but it had one thing that was missing from Skyfall, and thats ACTION. Massive fight scenes etc. If they had filmed it like Skyfall this is what 300 would have been like.

A five minute fight at the start.

Two hours of sitting around talking about what to do next. Scenes in Spartan court rooms talking, in art gallerys talking, in the barbers getting a shave.

Final half hour they lure the enemies back to the Spartan home palace where they have set up traps and tricks for them to kill them. Just like Home Alone.

Imagine watching 300 if it had been like that? Or any film like that. Imagine its 1988 and thats what the first Die Hard movie was like.

I'm with y'man! Yet Radio 2 only plays old pop songs from the bloody 80s!!!

But at least 'Skyfall' isn't being played as often as that bloody 'Set Fire to the Rain' song!!!
Omg I hated that.

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