Steven Spielberg on being turned down for James Bond

News Simon Brew 26 Nov 2012 - 06:27
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg briefly recalls the moment he pitched for a James Bond film, and got knocked back...

Steven Spielberg has, over his career, been linked with a couple of big franchises that, for one reason or another, he never took on. He was, of course, in negotiations at one stage to direct Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, with the report being that he eventually turned the project down as the studio needed someone who would toe the line a little more with J K Rowling's potential veto over elements of the movie. Chris Columbus took the job in the end.

In his earlier years, though, Spielberg was keen to direct a James Bond movie, to the point where he approached legendary producer Albert R Broccoli. "I went to Cubby Broccoli and asked if I could do one and he said no", Spielberg revealed in a brief new interview. "I've never asked again".

This was the late 1970s, and Spielberg said that "instead, I made the Indiana Jones series". That doesn't mean he's not a fan of the ongoing James Bond saga. Of the latest movie, Skyfall, he said "I've seen it once and I'll see it a second time".

Spielberg's latest film, Lincoln, arrives in the UK in January.


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I would have wanted to see the 70's. Now the time has gone. Sorry Spielberg.

"Then I made the Indiana Jones series"

Any pride he has in that is surely misplaced after Krystal Skull.

No doubt the plot would have involved Bond needing to rescue and protect a cute young girl with pigtails who would teach him how to care again. Bond has visions of SPECTRE's lair in his mashed potato and after avoiding death in a tank full of Great White Sharks he confronts Blofeld where it is revealed that actually the cat is an alien controlling the bald bad guy and Jaws was a robot all along.

One thing (Krystal Skull) has nothing to do with the other (all the other Indy films). If one of your sons turns out to be criminal, do you stop taking pride in your other sons who are doctors and lawyers

The film would not have had a Bond Girl, but rather a Bond Child. What is it with Spielberg and children anyway?

Doesn't make sense. Spielberg knew what he was doing with Krystal [sic] Skull & accepted the narrative decisions. It would be like someone tutoring a son to be a criminal rather than randomly turning out to be a criminal independently of paternal infulence

---TAKE HEED! ----with Lincoln Spielberg, yet again, is
offering PC moral alibis, 'on board' predictive programming,
and cover for things 'unfolding'.

And notice too ----NOT ONLY did he ---'overlook'--- the still
unexamined reality that Lincoln may very well have been
killed over his diss of the Global USURY banking syndicate
(SEE ----'MONEY MASTERS'---- doc online!)
- - -but Spielberg's Hollywood is ----'overlooking'
this year's
-----200th Anniversary of the Defeat of the Napoleonic police state

------100th Anniversary of the Jeckyl Island coup against our republic

------40th Anniversary of the Rockefeller-Nixon ---MAO handover summit

----and -----20th --30th --40th --50th and now 60th Anniversary
of the RED China, Globalism, mind control, EUGENICS and GENOCIDE
---'unfriendly' - - -

-------------------------------KOREAN WAR--------------------------------

BE AWARE! ------------AND BEWARE!

From what I understand, he likes to put children in starring roles because of his own childhood: His parents got divorced when he was young and he had it lonely at times for being the only Jewish kid in the neighborhood. That's why he likes to feature kids overcoming obstacles.

I believe you are missing the point. The original comment claimed that any pride he had in the first 3 movies is misplaced because of the subsequent movie. I really cant see how his pride should be any less for movies made 30 years ago just because a recent movie was a perceived failure.

Im not commenting on Crystal Skull, I'm saying he should still be just as proud with the original trilogy now as he was just after making them - I know my enjoyment of them is not sullied by watching Crystal Skull.

----------------------------------BE AWARE!

-----------------------------------------------and BEWARE!

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