Bond 24 to film next year?

News Simon Brew
26 Oct 2012 - 14:35
Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace

With Skyfall hitting UK cinemas this weekend, it seems that Bond 24, starring Daniel Craig, is getting fast-tracked...

Ecstatic reviews have greeted the 23rd James Bond adventure, Skyfall, which starts its worldwide cinematic rollout this weekend with its UK release. It's been four years since the less-than-stellar Quantum Of Solace, and the consensus seems to be that the extended gap has done the franchise an awful lot of good.

The news, then, that Bond 24 is set for 2014 is likely to raise some alarm bells. The producers have been clear that this was the plan, to get Bond moving again a lot quicker (after all, part of the Skyfall delay was enforced, given financial troubles with MGM). But a new report suggests work has already begun.

Granted, it's the Daily Mail that's the source of this, so requisite salt is required. But it's suggested that pre-production work has already begun (although what that could actually entail at this stage isn't clear), and that John Logan has been hired to pen the script. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the regular Bond screenwriters, are apparently not involved, at least at the moment.

The plan is to get Bond 24 before the cameras this time next year to hit an autumn 2014 release date. And that is in line with what those close to the franchise have been saying. More on the story as we get it.


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