Bond 24 to film next year?

News Simon Brew 26 Oct 2012 - 14:35
Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace

With Skyfall hitting UK cinemas this weekend, it seems that Bond 24, starring Daniel Craig, is getting fast-tracked...

Ecstatic reviews have greeted the 23rd James Bond adventure, Skyfall, which starts its worldwide cinematic rollout this weekend with its UK release. It's been four years since the less-than-stellar Quantum Of Solace, and the consensus seems to be that the extended gap has done the franchise an awful lot of good.

The news, then, that Bond 24 is set for 2014 is likely to raise some alarm bells. The producers have been clear that this was the plan, to get Bond moving again a lot quicker (after all, part of the Skyfall delay was enforced, given financial troubles with MGM). But a new report suggests work has already begun.

Granted, it's the Daily Mail that's the source of this, so requisite salt is required. But it's suggested that pre-production work has already begun (although what that could actually entail at this stage isn't clear), and that John Logan has been hired to pen the script. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the regular Bond screenwriters, are apparently not involved, at least at the moment.

The plan is to get Bond 24 before the cameras this time next year to hit an autumn 2014 release date. And that is in line with what those close to the franchise have been saying. More on the story as we get it.


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Well we already know Craig is Bond, possibly for the last time, and Cumberbatch is the villain. Couple of Bond girls and we'll be good to go!

Craig is signed on for another two films, so Bond 24 will be his penultimate film, of course he may do a sixth as well.

Having just come back from Skyfall, which I really enjoyed, I'm now ready for another dose of Daniel Craig as Bond and can't wait to see where the series will head next, especially given how Skyfall ended.

Benedict Cumberbatch sure is going to be busy next year with filming Sherlock, The Hobbit, and now this!

Craig has signed on for at least another 2 films, so could lead on to more.

Sooner the better. Skyfall was so good I will be impatient for the next one now until it comes out.

Completely agree with the second part. Just got back, loved it, and very intrigued with what they're going to do next.

I'm surprised Den of Geek hasn;t let fans know that the original Casino Royale from 1954 is on Sky movies 007. I only came across it by accident myself and I thought it had been lost tears ago. Defo worth a look but I felt that the guy playing Leiter who was english would have been better cast as "Jimmy Bond" who is american???. If anyone's interested its on sky movies 007 on Sunday 28th October at 9.10am .

Well, now that we've got the Classic Bond setup (you'll understand that if you've seen Skyfall), I'm looking forward to a good old romp, without dark, psychological mumbo-jumbo. I really want something classic; I think Skyfall's just managed to rescue the franchise after Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, so now they just need to get Bond back to basics.

I don't mind it fast tracked apart from one thing, writers of Skyfall or not a two parter Bond films don't sound great. CR and QoS were not good to be honest, (No Casino Royale was boring, based on Flemmings first novel or not, it was boring).
I found QoS better than CR, but the thing is, Skyfall blasted them both out the water, and a few of the other Bond films with it.
It was fantastic and it was traditional Bond film, with a modern update. Not, a modern Bond film which was terrible with old themes. It worked so well, so much so that I class Craig's first two as standalone's and THIS film more like his first proper outing that will be remembered.
And again, NO, Casino Royale was boring, good acting and cinematography but the writing was a bit too, tiring. QoS was too overloaded but Skyfall was just right.

Aw darn, for a quick glance at first there, I thought it said '24 film next year?'... almost got excited there!

Got the '54 Casino Royale on VHS and it was pretty poor. "Card Sense Jimmy Bond".. really!? That said, I'd love to upgrade to DVD if anyone knows of its availability?

cant see how you thought casino royale was boring. the action was much better in terms of hand to hand

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