Daniel Craig signing up for at least two more Bond films?

News Simon Brew 6 Sep 2012 - 08:01

It looks as though Daniel Craig will continue to play James Bond 007 once Skyfall has been released...

Rumours had been rife that once Skyfall was released, Daniel Craig’s third movie as James Bond 007, that the actor would relinquish the role, and pass the tuxedo onto someone else. After all, Skyfall is the last Bond movie that Daniel Craig is apparently formally contracted to make, although he was always said to have first option on further adventures.

And it looks as though he is taking up that first refusal, with the news that he's reportedly set to remain in the role for a good few years yet.

According to a report over at MI6-HQ, Craig will appear in at least two further 007 adventures once Skyfall is completed and released. No formal announcement has been made yet, but MI6-HQ has good tentacles on Bond matters.

Thus, it reports that Craig will star in both the 24th and 25th films in the Bond series, and if they make them at a rate of one every two years from this point on (as is apparently the plan, although again, that's far from confirmed), then he would be 48 by the time of the 25th film. Which strikes us a near-perfect age for a Bond.

Of course, just because he’s agreed to make the films doesn’t mean circumstances won’t change in the future. But right now, the 007 franchise looks intrinsically tied to Daniel Craig for a good few years to come yet. This is good news.

Skyfall, meanwhile, arrives in the UK next month.

More on the story here.

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Love the choice of picture there. I think that helicopter scene might have been my favourite part of the whole London Olympics.

Brilliant news! They'd be daft to lose him at this stage- he's totally made the role his own and needs to do at least 2 more- that'll be 1 more than Brosnan then.
Can't wait for Skyfall!

**adopts Mr Burns pose** EXCELLENT!

I was one of those who couldn't see Craig as Bond when it was first announced, purely on a superficial level though.

Happily, I think he has perfectly captured what Bond would be like as a serious action hero and has successfully moved the franchise away from the more arch elements of the 60s and 70s.

Credit to Brosnan too for pushing his Bond into more realistic territory as time went on but he was still too 'Remington Steele' to do it properly. If only Dalton's version had been more accepted things might have been a lot different, a lot sooner.


I'll never see this man as bond ,Sorry

Just remember that it was announced by the Bond producers and Pierce Brosnan at the press conference held at the commencement of the shooting of Die Another Day that Pierce Brosnan would be returning for a fifth James Bond film.

Daniel Craig is a good actor, and Casino Royale was a good film. But it wasn't a good Bond film. He may be playing a character called Bond, but he shares virtually no personality traits with the James Bond I grew up watching. If it's a different personality, it's a different character.

And yes, it may be more like the Bond of the books, but the Bond of the books isn't what got me into Bond.

I'll give Skyfall a chance, but I'd like to see him do at least one traditional Bond movie. I like the tech and the cheesy quips - it's fun. The last Goldeneye video game does suggest to me that Craig would be good at classic Bond.

Adam Woodyatt should be the next James Bond.

Well that's bad news then :-(

"That last hand.....Almost killed me!"

Are you mad, 'Casino Royale' was and remains the very best Bond film to date by a very wide margin, and how can it not be a Bond movie when it's based on Fleming's first (and definitive) Bond novel? As long as each installment remains as good and as relatively fresh as they (mostly) still are, the Bond franchise will go on indefinitely... and why not?

Michael Fassbender for Bond in 2018, anyone...?

Then they saw the eventual film 'nuff said.

Why so serious? One of the great things about pre-Craig Bond
movies were that they didn't take themselves too seriously. I could agree that some of the 70's movies were too camp, but Craig's Bond is far too serious. For me the character (supreme womanizer and cold-blooded killer) really works if it's not taken too seriously. Tongue-in-cheek humor was one of the things that made Bond special (you don't see characters like: Honey Rider or Pussy Galore in a Bourne movie).

He'd be better at it!! (No I won't shut up)

No, it's not good news.
Craig looks like he'd fit the role of Thug #1, recruited from job-site hod-carrier gang and brought in by MI6 to harsh-interrogate a terrorism suspect.
A secret agent should be smooth.

This is NOT good news, if it's true. And I don't like to see such a bias in an article, personally, even if debate is a hallmark of geeky banter. Craig's Bond is a thug. In this respect, he's a man of our times, as sadly the Roger Moore types are virtually extinct.

So still no good bond films coming...

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