First shots: Javier Bardem as new Bond villain in Skyfall

News Simon Brew
12 Mar 2012 - 06:47

Don’t click here if you don’t want to see the first pictures of James Bond’s new nemesis in the upcoming Skyfall…

Appreciating that there’s just over seven months to go until the film is released, production continues on the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Up until now, though, while we’re seen shots of most of the main cast at work, there’s been little sign of Javier Bardem, who’s playing the villain.

Well, until now, anyway. These new on-set shots - and you'll need to click on the thumbnails to make them bigger - have appeared over at MI6-HQ, and as you can see, Barden has gone blonde, and is in uniform.

We figure it’s helpful picture descriptions like those that keep bringing you back to the site.

When we have more on Skyfall, we’ll bring it your way…


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