Production delay hits James Bond 24

News Simon Brew 30 Jun 2014 - 06:26

Shooting on Sam Mendes' next James Bond film, starring Daniel Craig, moves back two months for script work...

It's little secret that the 24th James Bond film, and the one to pick up the mantle from Skyfall, is set to shoot later this year. With a UK release date of October 2015, time is not on the side of the production.

The new movie, which Sam Mendes is returning to direct, won't however be shooting until December now it seems, courtesy of a fresh delay caused by the need for more script work. With it previously having looked as if they'd completed their work on the Bond series after five movies, screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are apparently back on board to take a pass at John Logan's screenplay. The aim is to add more humour, it seems, with a specific focus on scenes between Bond and Miss Moneypenny, and 007 and his new boss, Ralph Fiennes' M.

This won't affect that aforementioned release date, although it doesn't allow much further breathing room in the production for further delays.

James Bond 24 will star Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes. Expect more casting news in the autumn.


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That sounds pretty good. Bond needs to get a little bit of his groove back.

Well I think many would agree that DIE ANOTHER DAY was the last Bond film with any real humour to it apart from the odd quip. As Connery proved in his early Bond outings you can still be brutal with a sense of humour. Just don't overload it and make films by comittee. SKYFALL was the best Bond since CASINO ROYALE thats the track they need to stay on.

Looking forward to Bond 24. For me, Casino Royale is still the best out of the Craig era. Skyfall was good, but the third act was a mess and relied on an overly convoluted and unnecessary plan, and dropped a few interesting plotlines from earlier in the movie.

I was actually looking forward to seeing what a modern Bond film without Purvis and Wade's writing would be like, but never mind. As long as it helps it's a good thing.

i kinda thought skyfall hit the right sort of balance with the humor for the craig movies, subtle and much more real ie fixing his cuffs or the underground train sequence

Script work! HAH!
They had FOUR YEARS of 'script work' on Skyfall. And it STILL made NO BLEEDIN' SENSE!

Geez, isn't this what happened with Skyfall as well? The humour in that film felt a little out of place, and later on I remember reading reports that they had effectively done a last minute 'comedy' pass on the script, inserting humour here and there.

Craigs run has been great, slight wobble with QOS but other than that, good stuff, Casino Royale is my favourite by far though.

realistic gritty Bond or back to safe fantasy wacky Bond villains and space women?

lots of movies start shooting w/o a complete script or lack of it. he he he

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