Jacob's Ladder set for remake treatment

News Simon Brew
1 Jul 2013 - 05:48

Not the most obvious choice for a remake, a new version of Adrian Lyne's Jacob's Ladder is in the works...

Well, the remakes keep coming, but every now and then, there's one that just feels a little more unexpected than most. In this case, it's the news that director Adrian Lyne's 1990 movie Jacob's Ladder has been picked up for a new take.

The new version of the film has Jeff Buhler, of The Midnight Meat Train, attached to write the script. As it turns out, this one's been in the works for a while, and Jake Wade Wall, who wrote When A Stranger Calls, has also taken a stab at it. As things stand, there's no director in place, but as we hear more, we'll let you know. The plan, as we understand it, is for it to be more of a 'homage' than a straight remake.

We can't imagine that original star Tim Robbins would be too interested in reprising his role of a Vietnam veteran haunted by his past, but stranger things have happened...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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