New trailer and poster for Jack The Giant Slayer

Trailer Simon Brew
21 Nov 2012 - 06:33

Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer finally makes it to cinemas next March. Here’s the new trailer and poster…

Earlier this year, a first trailer and poster was released for what was set to be one of Warner Bros’ 2012 blockbusters, Jack The Giant Killer. However, the studio opted to move the film out of the crowded summer marketplace, and shunted it back to 2013.

More recently, the film changed name, too. Presumably as a result of some very important and quite expensive focus groups, it was decided that Jack The Giant Slayer was a better name – slayers always go down better than killers where giants are concerned, right? – and now we get to this point. Namely, the moment where Warner Bros releases a new trailer and poster, under the film’s new title.

We still like the look of the film, although the CG doesn’t seem to be doing it too many favours. Here’s that trailer and new poster, then...

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