Jack Ryan reboot confirmed for Christmas 2013

News Simon Brew 28 Aug 2012 - 06:53

Chris Pine is playing Jack Ryan, Kenneth Branagh is directing, and the franchise reboot is set for December 2013…

The success of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol last Christmas has clearly proven something of an eye-opener for Paramount. Off the back of scheduling a blockbuster thriller in December (against conventional wisdom) and watching the cash roll in, it moved its next such project, Jack Reacher, to a December bow this year.

And now, in December 2013, it's lining up another big thriller. This time, we can expect the latest Jack Ryan reboot. The film has a confirmed US release date of 25th December 2013, and we’d imagine that the UK will get it a day later.

The missing parts of the jigsaw for this particular film fell into place last week. Kenneth Branagh is both directing and starring as the film’s villain. Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan, taking over a role previously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. Meanwhile, Kevin Costner has also joined the cast, in a role that he’ll also play in a separate spin-off, Without Remorse (Christopher McQuarrie is directing that one). Filming is starting imminently.

We’re going to go out there and say it: there’s never been a bad Jack Ryan film to date. And, both Clear And Present Danger and The Sum Of All Fears are excellent thrillers. Here’s hoping the new Jack Ryan lives up to them…

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Wrong. The Sum of All Fears was terrible. & I don't have high hopes for this. Pine is just wrong for the role.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was a success? Watched it recently and I thought it was awful, probably about as bad as number 3 was.

Branagh? Yes! Pine? Noooo, not right at all.

With Harrison Ford as the best example of what the character could be, Chris Pine seems too confident and full of machismo.

Ryan isn't a super agent in the James Bond sense. He should be the American George Smiley.

I gotta admit to liking MI4 - and MI3 come to think of it. Nothing could be as bad as MI2, so it's all better there on out. Just don't compare it to MI1. Legend.

Gaaaawd, can't these studios do anything original? Another miscast, and what was wrong w. first "Ryan" movies. There are so many thriller books that would make great new movies - except for Cruise ruining "One Shot" which already needs a reboot.

Kevin Cosner as Mr. Clark...I don't really see it.

I seen this being filmed today in Birkenhead UK with NYPD cars and vans. Sorry to spoil the illusion but it looks like a scene set in a New York Tunnel is actually the Merseytravel Queensway Tunnel service entrance.

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