Kenneth Branagh directing and starring in new Jack Ryan film

News Simon Brew 20 Jul 2012 - 07:52
Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh goes from Thor to Jack Ryan, as he signs up to direct Paramount’s reboot…

There have been a lot of stops and starts with Paramount’s plans to reboot the Jack Ryan cinematic franchise. The last effort, The Sum Of All Fears, was a really good movie, but it didn’t take off in the way that was hoped, and then Ben Affleck’s acting career hit one or two problems.

Since then? It was revealed a while ago that Chris Pine was Paramount’s choice to play Jack Ryan, but the film – reportedly entitled Moscow at one point – didn’t seem any closer to happening. However, there’s now been some movement.

Kenneth Branagh, hot off the success of Thor, has reportedly been hired to direct the new film. And, according to the same reports, he’s set to take on the role of the villain of the movie too.

The film will still see Jack Ryan in Russia, and we’re no closer to knowing a release date for it. But it’s safe to conclude that, with a director and the two leads now on board, there’s a growing desire to get the film made.

More news as we get it….

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Based on Red Rabbit maybe? Younger Ryan in Moscow in the 80s?

If its based on that, I hope they rework it, as I hated that book. Maybe I was spoilt by the blurb on the jacket that said that Ryan interrogates a defector with information about an assassination attempt on the Pope. All well and good, but the guy doesn't defect until about 10 pages from the end of the book! And don't get me started on The Bear and the Dragon, a books title is all about a war between China and Russia, which sounds fascinating. Until you realise that the book is 1200 pages, and the war doesn't start until about 1100 pages in!

Sorry, rant over!

Unless its a parody, I would have thought the Tom Clancy's books, with their gung ho ends-justifies-the-means ethos, would have lost traction since the Iraq war. The lovey lefty that is Kenneth Branagh should find these things repulsive.

I thought Sum of All Fears was pretty poor, to be honest. Clear and Present Danger is the strongest of the Jack Ryan films. It is always my go-to example for great book adaptions and I'm still surprised they managed to squeeze so much of the plot into two short hours while making it seem casual and effortless.

yeah just re-read this and i had forgotten that the good part was so far in. oh well. and patriot games is my fav ryan film. who doesnt like sean bean

Could be good, although Sir Ken hasn't had too much luck with villains in the past (Wild wild west??) He can be a fantastic director though and Im sure this will be worth watching. I have to say my favourite Jack Ryan movie is 'The Hunt For Red Oktober' - the others pale into insignificance.

A scene of the movie jas been shot in financial district NY yesterday! ;-)

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