Tom Cruise to return for Jack Reacher sequel

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 06:22

Paramount wants a sequel to last year's Jack Reacher movie, with Tom Cruise once again set to star...

Last year's Jack Reacher movie was worth it in our book for one of the most brilliantly bizarre villain performances of recent times. We're talking about Werner Herzog's brief but impactful turn in the film. That, and the excellent opening sequence, remain highlights of the movie.

Jack Reacher didn't do badly at the box office either, pulling in a worldwide gross of $218m. That might not sound a lot in the days of Marvel movies routinely breezing past $500m, but Jack Reacher cost an economical $57m to make. And whilst Tom Cruise's performance in the title role didn't win over every fan of Lee Childs' books, the project remains something of a success.

Christopher McQuarrie directed Jack Reacher, and he's now reuniting with Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible 5. But once that's done, it looks like it's full speed ahead on Jack Reacher 2.

The plan is to adapt the book Never Go Back as the basis of the next film, which is the latest novel in the long-running series. The plan, if he wants it, is to give McQuarrie the directing gig again, although he's not going to have time to write the screenplay this time.

When we hear more about who is on screenplay duties, we'll let you know....


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When I started to read the Harry Potter books after I'd seen the first film I always imagined the characters as played by the actors.

I only started reading the Reacher books after I'd seen the movie. But even with that, I just can't see cruise as Reacher. Child is very descriptive about Reacher and he's describing the polar opposite of Cruise.

We all know who would have been better. .


I haven't read Never Go Back yet but it seems like an odd choice for the next film. given that it forms the conclusion of a slight trilogy within Child's books. Would be far better off going back to the beginning and using Killing Floor.
Still, a Reacher movie is good news. I thought Cruise did okay with what was always going to be a harder role for him to take on.

The Statham is taller than Tom Hardy.

I enjoyed the first film and felt that although the Cruiser doesn't match the physical description in the books, he did get the "feel" of the character. Looking forward to a second outing for him.

Cool, I enjoyed the movie and I've read a couple of the books now too and they are good fun.

aha :) Yes.. Tom Hardy is actually quite short isnt he! :) You have me there!

Also I don't think that hardy carries the Don't F with me attitude quiet the way The Stath does. Hardy is, like Cruie a bit too pretty boy.

When I read the books, I always pictured a Mockingbird-era Gregory Peck as Reacher.

As someone who hasn't read the books. I actually enjoyed the film. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan particularly (I used to just avoid anything he was in) but I found Jack Reacher to be a pleasantly surprising solid and enjoyable thriller and I thought Tom Cruise was good in the part. I can understand book fans being annoyed at his casting, but without any idea of who the character was going in, I thought he was suitably badass and convincing at being a capable military investigator so I'll watch another.

Oh, now there we can disagree :) Have you not seen Hardy in Bronson or Lawless? I can't take Statham seriously if im honest.. I'm not convinced by anything he's done since Lock, Stock.. though i enjoyed "The Bank Job" enough..

You're on the wrong website if you're gonna start dissing The Stath!

You should watch The Warrior for further evidence of Hardy carrying the Don't F attitude.

Here, here.

I picture Micky Rourke in Sin City. Huge, physically imposing, kind of fair haired...

But....the first one was utter shite .....why make another ?
Now Oblivion, there was a good movie with Mr Cruise .

Agreed, One shot was an odd choice to start off with and Never Go Back seems odder...
Killing Floor or Persuader please!

Not sure if yer trolling or not....
Stath rocks but he isn't Reacher either lol.

Ray Stevenson would have been my choice

go back to SCI-fi tom, that's where you belong.

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