Jack Reacher franchise hangs in the balance

News Simon Brew
16 Jan 2013 - 06:36

If you're holding out hope for Jack Reacher 2, the odds aren't looking too great at the moment...

We quite enjoyed Christopher McQuarrie's movie of Lee Child's Jack Reacher character. Whether you felt that Tom Cruise was the right choice for the title role, he gave a solid performance in the movie, and we were expecting it to be a bigger hit than, thus far, it's turned out to be.

As things stand, the film's international box office total is around the $150m mark, which does suggest that - outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise - Tom Cruise's box office pulling power is on the wane (although that's been said before). However, Jack Reacher was quite an economical film to make by modern standards, with a budget around the $60m mark.

So what's needed to kickstart another film? According to The Hollywood Reporter, a worldwide gross of $250m is the magic number, although the chances of that being hit aren't high. That said, there are three key territories to go in the film's release schedule, namely Korea, China and Japan. Those countries contributed around $50m to the worldwide gross of the last Tom Cruise film to perform at a similar level - Knight And Day - and they'll need to do that and more to get Jack Reacher 2 moving.

We hope it happens, primarily because we're keen to see Christopher McQuarrie directing another instalment. That said, McQuarrie and Cruise are also set to come together again for Mission: Impossible 5, which may yet press ahead later this year, or early next.

For now, Tom Cruise's next big blockbuster is Oblivion, followed by All You Need Is Kill. He'll be hoping that one of those, at least, hits big.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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