Jack Reacher cut to get 12A certificate in the UK

News Simon Brew 14 Nov 2012 - 07:45

The upcoming Jack Reacher movie, starring Tom Cruise, has been cut back in the UK, to get a softer rating...

And here we go again. For the third time this year, a major release - following The Woman In Black and, laughably, Taken 2 - has been chopped by its distributor to get a 12A certificate in UK cinemas. The 12A rating, the British equivalent of PG-13, pretty much lets anyone in (under the proviso that they're accompanied by an adult), and the certificate has been bestowed on the forthcoming Tom Cruise-headlined Lee Childs adaptation, Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher was originally classified 15 by the BBFC, but two seconds' worth of changes were made "at the request of the distributor to achieve a particular category".

The exact content of those cuts? It doesn't seem very spoiler-y to us, but look away if you don't want to know...

"Company chose to reduce two moments of violence (a woman being suffocated by a man and a man being hit over the head with a rock) in order to achieve a 12A classification. Cuts made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut 15 classification was available".

It's perhaps a little more understandable that Paramount would broaden the audience for Jack Reacher as much as possible, but it still hardly seems like the kind of film to go and take your 12 year old to see on a family outing (although it did no harm with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). That said, the cuts to Taken 2 - no matter have much they rankled - proved to be commercially sound. The film comfortably outgrossed the first Taken in the UK.

Jack Reacher arrives in UK cinemas next month. Its running time is confirmed at 130 minutes. And 12 seconds.


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I'm normally against this kind of thing but for just two seconds worth of cuts it will hardly be any different to the 15 version so why not do it?

My colleague is a massive Jack Reacher fan. For him, Tom Cruise will NEVER be Jack Reacher.

As long as we get the uncut version of the eventual home release, I agree. But with Woman in Black and Immortals not having that courtesy, and with the shoddy way most studios tend to treat (or mistreat) UK releases in comparison to others, I'm not brimming with confidence that this will be the case.

Jack Reacher is 6'5 and 220lbs..! How can Tom Cruise EVER fit into those shoes? I mean EVER..!!

Stand him on a box like they did in Interview With A Vampire?

Ideal actors (IMO) for this role would of been:

1 Vincent D'Onofrio -

2 Michael Rapaport

3 Adam Baldwin

4 Joe Manganiello (my choice)

5 Kevin Durand (my 2nd choice)

It is 2 SECONDS. Deal with it.

Cheers for the advice! I will deal with it. I'll deal with it to within an inch of its life. I'll deal with it good. I'll deal with it in such a way that as and when I have dealt with it it will wish I had never started dealing with it! You just watch me deal with it! There'll be no stopping my dealing with it. When I've finished with it, people will laud the dealing of it. They will come and pay respects to the dealing of it, and they will go back and tell their friends and loved ones, verily, I have seen it, and it has been dealt with. No one will doubt the dealing, religions will rise and fall based on that dealing, and who knows, one day, the passion and fervour with which I will now deal with it will serve as an inspiration to all. We can all only hope...

Being familiar to the bone-crunching violence in Lee's "Reacher" novels I'm disappointed with this cop -out 12a rating. It's pathetic - cutting the brutish appeal of the novels off at the knees, shortening their stature. It's as if Reacher himself, upon stepping off a bus at another lonely mid-western town is suddenly shrunk by at least a foot and a half. I think this Hollywood obsession in infantilzing the audience in exchange for larger profits is equally pathetic.

..... so you put your 1st choice at number 4 and your 2nd choice at number 5? Why bother numbering them if they're not in order?! Or just put them in the order that you want them... You make no sense.

Oh and it's would have not would of.

Yep, that's about it. We're done here. ;)

I know it's only 2 seconds, but why have they waited so long? It's been on the BBFC website as a 15 for at least 3 months...

The same way Robert Downey Junior plays Iron man. Stacked shoes with platforms and everybody else in flats.

Just sick of studios interfering with films. This isn't a film for a 12 year old, so why allow him to see it? We want violence! Probably some religious cult in America in a personal war against anything that isn't a Disney rom-com animated adventure about a talking fish.

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