Official trailer for Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise

Trailer Simon Brew 4 Jul 2012 - 06:54

Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher, in the first movie based on the character created by Lee Childs. And here's the trailer...

Earlier this week, a Russian trailer for the upcoming big screen debut of Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher appeared online, before swiftly disappearing again. And the reason for that disappearance was the impending debut of the English language version, that we can now see here.

Reacher is, of course, being played by Tom Cruise in the movie, a piece of casting that, not for the first time in the actor’s career, hasn’t gone down brilliantly in all quarters. Whether Cruise can bring Reacher to life on the screen convincingly remains to be seen, but we’ve got that first proper trailer to feast our eyes on.

The movie is based on the book One Shot, but goes by the name Jack Reacher. And the reason we’re optimistic about it? That’d be the fact that Christopher McQuarrie is writing and directing. His directorial follow-up to 2000’s The Way Of The Gun (a cracking film), it’s his deserved crack at directing a major blockbuster, and we’ll find out in December how he’s done.

Here’s the trailer…

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Yes please.
It would be tough to bring Reacher to the big screen, One Shot isn't my favourite book in the series, but I'm still looking forward to this.

call it something else but don't call it jack reacher. Not saying it can't be good...It can be but just call it something else.

No, no, no. This is an insult to loyal fans of the books. A goddamn insult. Reacher would not be impressed.

I like Tom Cruise. I've only read the first Jack Reacher Book. Physically, Mr. Cruise just does not fit. he's a good 10" shorter, and in the trailer, he's shorter than all the guys attacking him. He is not an imposing figure.

This might be a good movie (probably), but it's just not how I think of Jack Reacher (in my limited exposure).

Calling Tom Cruise "Jack Reacher" is a bit like calling Tom Cruise talented or impressive. If I wrote a book with an action star in and Cruise asked me if h could be involved, of course I would say yes, having him on board would be huge for me but not as the lead. His best ever role was in tropic thunder as a small cameo.

Better actors to play the role for the next film, Kiefer Sutherland, Nicholas Cage, Javier Bardem, Gerard Butler, Christian Bale and more, lol.

This is a huge insult and I could never believe in Cruise as not simple playing himself as he has done in every role

I don't think he's a bad actor but does anyone else think that the minute you see Tom cruise cast in an action movie you just know how it's going to go..... I haven't read the books although from what I have heard they are great so will check them out but why can't studios take a gamble on lesser known actors who suit a role more and can make a better movie than going for high profile to try and guarantee huge profits....really you could call this movie anything without the affiliation to the books

@Will Price and Kurik, I most certainly agree with you both. We obviously read the book and NO! Tm Cruise is no Jack Reacher. Jack Recher is 6' 4" and Tom Cruise is what 5' 8"? That alone is unsettling to Lee Childs readers. The studio may want to rethink the title of the movie. Why didn't they call it One Shot? I don't know, I'm disappointment, already.

Tom Cruise is definitely NOT Jack Reacher.

I am a huge fan of the books and I think casting Cruise is an awful choice. Not even going to bother seeing this. Might catch it when it's on TV sometime in the future but there is no way I am parting with some hard earned dosh for this.

No question it should be Liam Neeson.

OK.. clearly Tom Cruise isn't 6' 4"

But he also isn't ruthless or imposing...

Imagine say Stallone in that role ( I'm not suggesting him, he wouldn't work either ) ... at the very least you'd get an aggressive, intimidating style.

Tom Cruise doesn't even have that.

There's no rough edges...

Oh well... we'll just have to wait until they eventually make one with someone else.

Trouble is... studio execs might run scared from Jack Reacher after this bombs.

The producers didn't even read a Lee Childs book, they just thought Jack Reacher is a good name for a cop on the edge, they didn't even mention the MP background, now he's just a COP. Why? 'Cos Max Power was taken.

i'm not familiar with the books, but from descriptions, i could imagine Kevin Durand in the role. I usually enjoy tom cruise in a movie--he brings star and intensity, even if not a wide versatility. but i just don't buy him as a big bad grim punisher style cop.

Nailed it. Are we in time for reshoots?

I'm sorry, I thought it read "Back Reacher," which. when you think of it, would be a more apt role for Cruise.

hmmm this is interesting. As an avid reader of the books i would have to disagree strongly with kurik.

Er, is this a film being made about a different Jack Reacher? because it certainly isn't Lee Child's invention. Disappointing to say the least.

In fact Katie Holmes would be more appropriate.

I think Mr Cruise himself summed up this whole thing in the last line of the trailer. "Really...?"

Cruise sad devotion to the ancient religion will not help him conjure up the stolen data tapes.....The man is having a pr nightmare.....Scientologhy is going to end up ruining a great actors career.

all for attaining level 1 of mindhead.....steve martin ripped that vile organisation to pieces and rightly so.

I totally agree! Can't you see Liam doing this? Cruise total mistake. If it does well it will be because most of the audience would not have read the books. Neeson has not only the height but we have all learned that he can do imposing, dangerous and dark better than any actor out there right now, He would have been perfect. I think the picture would have done better with Neeson instead of Cruise.

While I do like Neeson, I think he looks too old for the role. I think Jason Statham could play play it well. He is closer to the size/sound (at least the voice I hear in MY head) and could do justice to Reacher's wit. Other suggestions would be Chris Hemsworth, Neal McDonough maybe.

Also, Kevin Durand could be a good choice as suggested earlier. Liev Schrieiber?

The thing is the books don't translate we'll into film, they are quite slow and plodding at times, with only odd moments of action. If they really wanted to sell Cruise as Reacher though, they should have had a shot of him drifting into town, or hitch-hiking with no real destination in mind. Something to show this hobo/drifter lifestyle.

I've read most of the books myself, got into them after my dad recommended them and although i agree tom cruise isnt a 6foot5 250lb ex MP type of actor, i do think he brings a certain aura that other lesser known actors would not bring. Also please not that this is "based" on the novels, not a direct word for word copy hence the height differences, and also readers of one shot may like to know that the main baddies in the film are going to be german as opposed to russian like in the book. When turning books or comics into film there will always be compromises and alterations and they have worked previously. Take Xmen for example, wolverine was supposed to be some tiny 5foot3 ish bloke but instead got played by hugh jackman, and now i dont think theres anyone who pictures anything other than that when they think of wolverine. Add to the trickery of camera angles and special effects and im sure theyll make cruise seem bigger than he is, they did the opposite in lord of the rings when they turned one of the hobbits from a 6foot actor into a 4foot halfling. I say give cruise a chance, after all, lee child himself has backed the idea and even said that the physical description of reacher isnt necessarily definitive, more as a visual metaphor to give reacher the appearance of some kind of unstoppable force. I am a huge fan of the books, and my idea of reacher is a slighty taller arnold schwazenegger, with a younger clint eastwoods face, paired with the mind blowing logic and intelligence of the latest sherlock holmes films, but i will still go to watch the film

i know what about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.......he'd pull it off, why does nobody think of J.D.M. he's awesome!

I am a huge fan of the Jack Reacher novels and although I am not crazy about Tom Cruise, I usually enjoy his Mission Impossible-type films.

But here is why Tom Cruise cannot, ever, be Jack Reacher:

Jack Reacher is a physically imposing man and his personality is quiet and introspective. He is also the kind of guy who does that "quiet menace" really well. Despite being very big, he can lose himself in a crowd, so I interpret his character as extremely controlled in both his actions and person. His fighting style is usually brute force strength and survival skills. He is not a "charmer"!

Tom Cruise is famous for his charm, his million dollar smile/smirk, his "wink" at the audience and in 99% of his roles he uses exactly that superstar persona. I am not saying he is a bad actor - in fact, I think he is a better actor than he gets credit for, but his crazy personal life overshadows that a LOT - but Tom Cruise is incapable of playing an essentially charmless character with Jack Reacher's skills.

In the trailer, I can see he tries to portray how "hard" Jack Reacher is, but he keeps doing these fancy bouncy fight moves that makes me wanna smack him!

Tom cruise owns the rights to the jack reacher film franchise too btw, so its him or no one. But i stand by my original comment to just give the guy a chance

Since when was Reacher dark haired and 5"5...

no way on the Faster and consider the "Rock"..he would be awsome.

No one has mentioned Daniel Craig...tall, imposing, built (Think Casino Royale and his chase scene), quiet by nature, Craig would be a better, he is closer in age to Reacher, who was approx. 38-40 when the books started...Craig is my pick, hands down.

Talk about a total FANTASY - this is probably the biggest mis-casting in Hollywood history. It would be like casting PeeWee Herman as Hulk Hogan!!!! Cruise can't even begin to intimidate someone - for Jack Reacher there are only a dozen people in the world that "might" intimidate him! Save your movie money and buy the next Reacher book and read it - if you see this movie it will ruin your image of Reacher forever and you will no longer enjoy a great series. This will be a bust and it should be - Hollywood is noted for ruining storylines of great books but here they have also ruined the main character. THis is a MAJOR DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN!!!!

We agree with the comments from you who have read the books. Now there will never be a Jack Reacher that is the right Jack Reacher since Tom owns the rights. Sad. Won't go - I will continue to read the books and cast it in my head - Gerard Butler, Liam Neeson of course [a few years ago], even Russell Crowe would be a better choice. The fans of the books are not going to respond.

Everything looks cool about that trailer except Tom Cruise. The guy is a midget playing a bad ass. Not at all believable. Any number of actors I don't really like and all of the suggestions below would be a better Reacher than TC.

Not good....not good at all. C'mon Lee Childs, say something for gods sake before the midget ruins your character!

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