Terrence Howard on being "pushed out" of Iron Man 2

News Simon Brew 18 Nov 2013 - 06:34
Iron Man

The original big screen Rhodey, Terrence Howard, has been talking about why he wasn't back for Iron Man 2...

Back when the first Iron Man came out, and when the whole Marvel experiment was seen as a very, very big gamble, the role of James 'Rhodey' Rhodes was played by Terrence Howard. But Howard didn't return for Iron Man 2 onwards, with the role being taken on by Don Cheadle instead.

Howard has discussed what happened before, but while on the promotional circuit for his new film, The Best Man Holiday, he's pointing the finger a little bit firmer. Admitting that the comment is going to get him into trouble, Howard said that "the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out".

He's not naming names, but you don't need to give Angela Lansbury a call or anything to get to the bottom of who he's talking about.

"We did a three picture deal", he continued. "A certain amount for the first tone, For the second a certain amount. For the third.... They came to me for the second one and said 'we will pay you an eighth of what we contractually had for you, because the second one will be successful with or without you'. And I called my friend who I helped get the first job and he didn't call me back for three months".

Ouch. There's been no comment from anyone associated with Marvel, and nor, in truth, should we expect one.


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They were right about the success of the movie but still, no excuse for the shabby treatment.

Fact is, I prefer Cheadle in the role anyway, the chemistry between him and Downey Jnr feels more natural and .his bearing was more military

It's still only his side of the story, and he's taking an awful lot of credit for that casting. I'm a little dubious, Terrence.

I can never forgive Don Cheadle for his accent in the Ocean's movies

I forgave him when he jumped out of the fearsome Iron Patriot armour wearing chinos, Hush Puppies and a Fred Perry top

And, let us not forget, still managed to make that moment (and his subsequent action scenes for that matter) look badass! Though I think that little fire breathing scene might just be one of my favorite action beats of all time. It's really unexpected, looks good and the reaction of everyone involved sells it beautifully especially the look on Savin's face which just screams "wait... we can do that?!?".

I think I would have preffered Howard.

I liked Howard, and I think his take on Rhodey would have been a more amiable one, whereas Cheedle made it more of a 'tough love' kind of trip. I don't know, I got used to years and years of 'friendly' Rhodey in the comics. Cheeds was a little bit too hard-nosed for my taste. But was good anyway.

The first tone???

By Iron Man 3, Tony and Rhodey's chemistry was back to how it was in part one. That's good enough for me.

His voice doesn't exactly scream "War Machine".

I heard his salary for Iron Man was outrageously high and he refused to work for less than that on the 2nd one.

Either way I think Don Cheadle was a better choice.

I actually preferred Howard's Rhodey to Cheadle's. I also think Iron Man 3 would have been slightly better with Howard rather than Cheadle.

Blokes talking rubbish if you ask me, if he was locked in contractually then why didn't he simply wave his contract at them or sue when they started playing silly wotsits?

Sounds like a lot of whining, rumours are he was incredibly difficult and paid more than anybody else, he's arguments don't make a lot of sense and to suggest he got RDJ the part is likely to be stretching the truth. Considering RDJ has been the one championing the other Avengers pay, suspect him deserting Howard is a bit beyond the truth. Throw in Howard's 'wife-beating' and he doesn't really come across as the nicest chap in the world.

Much prefer Don Cheadle anyway! Barney Rubble or not.

Sour grapes. Though I did like him better in the role. But the role was not at all pivotal to the success of any of the movies.

Oh dear yes! Between Cheadle, Forest Whittaker and Denzel Washington, the US brothers have given the Queen's English a good going over. Luckily Idris, Chewie, Lennie and have not let us down.

Lets be honest, neither of the sequels were as good as the first Iron Man.

The 3rd turned into a laughable piece of crap.

Just my opinion, let's not take offense.

I'd LOVE to hear the other side of the story. Generally speaking, movie producers are a cowardly and superstitious lot, and are loath to replace any major character in a sequel. My guess is that Terrence decided that the film couldn't be made without him, and tried to renegotiate his contract.

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