New Tony Stark poster for Iron Man 3

Poster Simon Brew 28 Feb 2013 - 06:24

The final Iron Man 3 character poster puts Robert Downey Jr front and centre...

The collection of character posters that have been trickled out for Iron Man 3 now appears to be complete, with the release of a Tony Stark-centric promo. This paves the way for the new trailer for the film, which is reportedly coming in shortly.

We've got both the UK and the US poster for this one, which accounts for the differing release dates at the bottom (the UK gets the film first). Interestingly, you also get a slight different in how Iron Man 3 is sold to the differing nations. If you live in the US, it's a list of people's names at the top that you get. In the UK, we need to be told that there's a link to The Avengers at the top. The link was pretty obvious, we'd have thought, from the big picture of that bloke in the iron suit that dominates the poster. But perhaps there's a good reason why we don't work in movie marketing.

Iron Man 3 arrives in the UK on April 26th, and in the US on May 3rd. Here are those posters.

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Man, I thought it was the third in the Sabbath documentary series. God dammit.

The suits behind Tony seems to confirm that Tony will be able to control multiple suits while fighting. If that's the case then the action is gona be great. But it could give us a problem in relations to Avengers 2, if Tony has the ability to control multiple suits then won't he seem a bit overpowered in with the Avengers, depending on what their facing.

going by the trailer i imagined that the suits were taken over by some outside force. i may of course be wrong,Sye

Or inside force! Maybe one or more suits are going to live there own lives.

Can't wait for this. I love the Iron Man films - and yes even the second one. That doesn't deserve the slagging off it gets -it's great fun.

I think Tony will control the multiple suits near the end of the film, for the big showdown. I don't think he was controlling the suit in the trailer that was with Tony and Pepper in the bedroom. That could be some outside force or Jarvis or the suit itself. Because it was reported that during the time between Avengers and Iron Man 3, Tony's been building more advanced suits and so the suit could be so advanced that it's warning Tony by itself, like Sean commented.

No.5 is alive

Agreed. The 2nd one has some great moments

I think he WAS controlling it, but unintentionally...

Well, this poster confirms what was just fan theories a few hours ago. I swear, it's like the big studios don't even care about spoiling their own movies these days.

His a bit of a Downey isn't he - get it Downey HAHAHA
Just kidding he's kewl


See the suit second down on the right, does that look like the rumoured space suit to anyone?

Tony Stark is my favorite character. He is human, playboy, confident, and hero.

Particularly after watching avengers. Some movies are improved by others. The Thing remake/prequel was flawed but it shed light on the original while keeping the monsters, unlike Prometheus. So watching John carpenter's immediately afterward just made the other one better. I haven't seen Prometheus but another sequel? When the first one was supposedly crap? Sounds a bit phantom menace to me, with better originals and less cgi and everything


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