Japanese Iron Man 3 trailer with lots of new footage

Trailer Simon Brew 7 Dec 2012 - 17:44

Brand new footage of Marvel's Iron Man 3 emerges, in a newly-released international trailer...

Currently in post-production is Marvel's first movie post-The Avengers. It's Iron Man 3 of course, which sees Robert Downey Jr reprising the role of Tony Stark, with Shane Black calling the shots behind the camera.

We've already seen an impressive trailer for the film a few weeks' back, but over in Japan, a brand new promo has been released, that includes some new footage. It's an English language trailer, with Japanese subtitles. And as the sage warning suggests (and here's the hint that it will tie into The Avengers), "nothing's been the same since New York".

Take a look and see what you think of this...

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Me likey. Me Likey alot.

Two really short Pepper Potts lines and a quick shot of her looking constipated doesn't constitute "lots of new footage".
But, yeah, this movie's gonna be great!

yeah "lots of new footage" what the hell. We'll still watch it if you're *honest* with us you know DoG.

I sense 3D conversion announcement around the corner. Also why'd they have to destory his home? I love his home. It looks fantastic

It reminds me of Tracy Island...

Heh, which I believe was ALSO attacked by Ben Kingsley back in 2004.

WOW! JUST HAD NEW IDEA! From that new video I think that When Tony sees someone is trying to destroy his home he destroys his suits so as no one can gt them. Maybe he thinks someone is trying to steal them to he detonates a hidden bomb or something and leaves all but 1...

Not much new footage in the Japanese trailer, to be honest it felt shorter than the first trailer. However, the main thing is that the movie looks like it's going to kick ass and it looks like it is going down a different route than 1 and 2.

Crossover time!

That'd be interesting. But I think I prefer the idea of The Madarin destroying them. Just completely taking Stark's world apart.

That's why the arch-nemesis' instalment of any franchise is usually the best, you can really stir things up...

Already been confirmed.

Looks like Tony is the one that destroys the Iron Man suits in the Garage.....Could be the way the trailer has been pieced together but still.......Very much looking forward to seeing this when it is released :-)

There were a few more shots of the home destruction.

If you blow up the home of the hero it immediately makes them threatened by the villain and show that their is more at stake (atleast thats the idea)

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