Marvel's One Shot All Hail The King brings back Mandarin: first details

News Ryan Lambie 10 Jan 2014 - 07:27

Iron Man 3's controversial Mandarin gets his own Marvel One Shot in All Hail The King. First details and pictures here...

NB: This post contains spoilers for Iron Man 3

Shane Black and Drew Pearce's handling of The Mandarin may have been one of the most controversial aspects of last summer's Iron Man 3, but Marvel's next One Shot will see Ben Kingsley reprise the role one more time.

The 14-minute short will be part of the extras on Thor: The Dark World's Blu-ray disc, and will provide a brief coda to the events of Iron Man 3, according to Entertainment Weekly.

It'll see Kingsley's Mandarin (or to give him his real name, Trevor Slattery) in Seagate maximum security prison and held to account for his actions in Iron Man 3 - namely, pretending to be the leader of The Ten Rings group. And in a wry reflection of the disgruntled reaction to The Mandarin's identity displayed by some fans, the real members of the group aren't at all happy.

“Imagine a real terrorist organization whose beliefs were long held and religious for thousands of years, and imagine a drunk, British actor coming along and essentially telling the world that he’s the face of your organization,” writer Drew Pearce told EW. “I think they would be right to be quite angry.”

The film sees Slattery interviewed by a documentary filmmaker (played by Monsters and Argo's Scoot McNairy), and helps us catch up with what happened after Iron Man 3's end credits, while at the same time clarifying some of the plot points briefly brought up in the film itself - including Aldrich Killian's co-opting of The Ten Rings to  further his own wicked plans.

"What [All Hail The King] does is show that everything in Iron Man 1 [involving the terrorist group] was canon all along any way," Pearce says. "We kind of knew The Ten Rings were a real terrorist cell."

As for whether All Hail The King leads into a potential Iron Man 4, Pearce remained tight-lipped, though he did concede that, "by the end of the short, there are definitely a lot of exciting other places that are brought up in it that could then go in the Marvel universe."

You can see some preview images from All Hail The King below (we love the poster of Slattery as King Lear in the second one - "Toast of Croydon", indeed).

The full interview with Pierce is also well worth reading - you can read it here


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Love The Mandarin, Love Sir Ben, Love Trev! Any excuse to bring him/them back is fine with me!

Heartily seconded!

Anyone else think they will pull a Seyser Koze? The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...?

Robustly thirded (?)

Given that in IM3 Trev says he had plastic surgery, though the poster from King Leah kind of disputes that, BG could return as the REAL Manderin in IM4....
Now, wouldn't THAT be a kick in the pants for all the IM3 haters...

How apt - we finally get to see the Mandarin in orange.

Cordially fourthed!

rigorously fifthted :/

Punctiliously sixthed?

Yep, completely agree. I loved this and I'm happy to see more of him.

Overconscientiously seventhed?

Redundantly and unnecessarily eighthed?

I don't know why there were so many haters - I LOVED that twist in the movie! Everyone was laughing in the theatre, and my eight year old son and I thought is was brilliant! And the weekend before we went to see it, Sir Ben Kingsley was on The Jonathan Ross Show talking about his role, but gave nothing away. He lied through his teeth and spoke of the complex villain he was playing. He must have had so much fun spinning that yarn, leading us all along like that. And that popped into my head as soon as I saw the twist in the film - I thought "Ohhhh.., You little liar!"

I'm sure a lot of the comic fans were disappointed, but we didn't need a crowded movie a la Spider-Man 3 (which had its fair share of villains shoehorned into the story). I'm really looking forward to this, I think it's going to be hilarious. Perhaps 'Trevor' keeps up the act of being the Mandarin in order to survive in jail and initially impress the interviewer, but breaks and pleads in hushed tones "You have to get me out of here! I can't keep up this pretence much longer - at least get me an understudy!"

I don't know if it will happen, but it would be great to see 'Trevor' on the big screen again. Perhaps even in regular cameos like Stan Lee :)

That just sounds kinky Mr. Katanga!

What he really means is "We just realised that we screwed up the best villain in the IM world and are now desperately trying to reverse it!" Who could play the Mandarin better than Ben is beyond me, the only good thing about that car crash of a film was Ben and then the twist turned it into a motorway pile up!

I know a lot of people loved it, but it leaves me very bitter how this could finally have been a villain who scared Stark...and the whole Christmas thing and befriending the kid and not actually needing to be in the suit to use it...well then whats the point? But back to the Mandarin, what if they had done a twist like that in The Dark Knight with the Joker? Do you see where I'm coming from?

Seagate prison, one big Luke Cage easter egg?

I think The Dark Knight and the Iron Man/Marval series are very different styles of movies. The Dark Knight is brilliant and very enjoyable, but it's not what I'd call 'fun'. Having the Joker suddenly being goofy wouldn't be consistent with the rest of the movie. But with the Mandarin, that comedic twist fit perfectly with the feel of all the movies leading up to it - and Thor 1 & 2, Captain America and The Avengers all had very funny moments too.

I can understand how many fans were disappointed by this incarnation, but I thought it was a fun idea, and well-executed.

I know I'm in the minority, I just wanted the Mandarin to be huge after the Ten Rings being pivotal in IM1, but if we were all the same it would be a very boring world!

over egged the joke eighthed

The Mandarin being Iron Man's best villain says it all. Iron Man has a pretty poor quality rogue's gallery. His enemies are not on par with Batman or Spider-man. Does a dated stereotype with magic rings and a Fu-Manchu moustache work in a movie in 2013. Probably not. Did the twist on the Mandarin work in IM3. In my opinion yes. Sure a lot of people think it ruined the Mandarin but I'd say there isn't that much to ruin. Are there any classic Mandarin stories in the comics earlier than the noughties? I'd say not.

I think you mean "ninthed", tenthed!

"Fu-Manchu moustache work in a movie in 2013" clearly you've not read anything about the mandarin in the latest line of comics, he has not been a fu-manchu ripoff for some time now. In fact there was a story line where he set up fake companies and planned to unleash Extremis on the worlds population killing over 50% and he would rule over the new race of humans.

My question would be why would someone want to direct a movie where they would need to change so much to suit their personal preferences?

That's why I said pre-noughties. The Mandarin being remotely interesting is a modern concept. Surely Guy Pearce being the real Mandarin fits better with the new Mandarin in the comics?

And I have read all the latest line of comics. I was just stating the old Mandarin when he was first created was a wee bit racist. The modern one in comics and the twist in IM3 work better IMO. But hey, I suppose I understand people's beef. I hated all the changes to Superman's personality in Man of Steel.

Yep. Emulating the good guy vs bad guy with final confrontation has been done and always will be. THIS was surprising, to fans and naysayers both. The dark knight was barely a comic book trilogy: that's up ahead. What Nolan did was downright almost believable. Now please, back to the incredible!

there are a LOT of great ASIAN actors that can play the "real" mandarin (and the whole existence of this short proves thats where they are going) also a lot of studios wish they have 1.3 billion dollars "car crasheso of films" more often

Why is this still going on eleventheded

Wearily-but-with-a-sense-of-obligation eighthed.

I struggled with how the Mandarin could fit into the MCU, and I thought they did a good job. The Mandarin (long may he reign!) is silly enough in the comics, I think to translate him directly without being racist or stretching credulity (or both) would have been rough.

You're quite right, there are a lot of Asian actors who could pull it off, it's that I just loved they way he was in the trailers. I say its a car crash of a film for many reasons, I thought it was exceptionally dumb, but I concede that opinion isn't widely shared.

I think a portion of my complaint is that so far film-wise no villain has challenged Stark. The first Iron Man didn't need a big villain as it was more about Stark becoming IM, the second film's bad guys seemed so half hearted, Hammer was a buffoon and Whiplash didn't care if he died or not and so there was no real motivation behind them. I saw the Mandarin as the first to really scare Stark and to up the ante, because the whole Guy Pearce thing - You stood me up when I looked ugly and now I'm gonna make you pay! was very was the fire breathing!

Yes. I see exactly where you are coming from.. I think i would be gutted to see a loved villain wasted.. fortunately for me, my first introduction to the Mandarin was googling after the IM3 news broke!

They just "might" pull the Mandarin that the comic fans want out of the hat yet though.. There are plenty of ways they could do it.. They can do that without annoying anyone as pretty much everyone loves Sir Ben.. and his Mandarin seemed like he could be a pretty cool baddie!

Majestically Eagle of the Ninthed!

I'll pitch a tenth

Ah, the fire breathing. The one thing that was straight from the comics.

I bow to your comic book knowledge, I'm not saying everything in the comics should be held as gospel, I'm just thinking it was a wasted opportunity!

Even if he doesn't feature hopefully the Netflix series will referrence the locations used in the short.

Nope. Hopefully this is just an epilogue to IM3 and a send off for Kingsley.
It would be awful if they change Killian being the mandarin to please the internet fanboys. I can't see them undoing major plot points from IM3 in a short film that many won't even see.

I loved going to see a massive blockbuster and being suprised and shocked by a plot point - it's harder and harder to have that in the modern age of constant reports & spoilers.

True, very true. But is the Mandarin really a loved villain? I know the internet community got angry, but that's what it does. I am a huge comic book fan. Before the films I'd have said Iron Man was a C-list hero; maybe B at best (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hulk and Spider-man - A, X-Men and Wolverine - B: Basically how well known they are across the generations). I honestly thought Marvel was crazy when they started making these films as I thought the general public wouldn't care about a hero they'd never really heard of. I was very wrong. But the Mandarin started out as a wee bit of a stereotype and was poorly developed until very recently. So how well loved is he really? Even my grandparents had probably heard of The Joker before the Batman films. Would they know who The Mandarin was before (or after) IM3 came out. Not a chance.

Of course it could all turn out that Mr Slattery is actual a real supervilliant and this was all his dastardly plan.Muhahahahahahahhhahahahahaha*cough cough*....hahahahahhahahahhahaa

I have no idea what you mean.

I just thought mattgrimley might appreciate a rigorous fifthting.

It's a valid point, but here are the reasons I felt it was a great choice:

1) It was original. No supervillain has been played this much for laughs in recent memory, perhaps ever.
2) It was in keeping with the tone of the film.
3) It played beautifully off the expectations: The 'You'll never see me coming' speech is almost a parody of Bane, Loki, Khan, and all of the trailers in recent years to open with a monologue by the villain and scenes of destruction.

4) There are political difficulties with adapting the comic book version of the Mandarin
5) The REAL Mandarin was Killian, who got all sorts of majestic power stuff anyway.

I understand people feeling like the Mandarin's potential was wasted; I also understand people feeling that Kingsley's dramatic chops were wasted. It's very much down to personal taste whether it was worth it.

(Christmas, though, was completely wasted. 'Wouldn't it be more interesting if it was set at Christmas?' No. And now you've squandered the opportunity for another MCU film to make better use of the season.)

I was amazed they kept it secret up to the film's release. I thought it was a brilliant twist

I don't believe that's what he is saying at all. I think the one shot is to get people more used to the Mandarin that they created and show you the serious consequences of the comedic twist of the movie. Nor do I believe that the Mandarin was the best villain created for Iron-Man. He was definitely the most ridiculous and over the top though. Iron-Man's biggest villain has always been Tony Stark, and the constant trouble he puts himself in. And they have covered that really well in the movies.

If it is a continuation of trevor. Then not interested.

There wasn't an 'eighthed' when I posted this (but I think I replied in the wrong spot!)


**whispering** (twelfthed)

Then don't watch it. Simple.

Briskly Eleventh


respectfuly fithed!

That Sir, is the quip of the week!

Tittalatingly Thirteenthed

if that happened then yes, iron man 3 would become watchable

They did it with Bane instead

ok so i think it is quite obvious that there will now be a third mandarin (3rd as in, at first it was trevor, then killian).
this will lead into THE REAL MANDARIN appearing in either IM4 or a future avengers movie (not avengers age of ultron)... i suppose it really does work if you just think outside of the present time... marvel has plans and there is just so much scrutiny about IM3 only because we have to wait and come up with our own assumptions as to what the story could be leading into or "what a waste of the mandarin character" - no - IMO the real mandarin will be pissed about trevor acting and also killian. killian is dead now, though. to me he was just the creator (well actually tony was) of the extremis virus. that was his big bad guy ploy. it seems the mandarin will be more a mystical force with the rings etc... which is what marvel needs as Phase 3 will be turning up soon and with Gaurdians of galaxy and future thor/avengers movies all going to probably involve magic and aliens they really could do something good with the mandarin (ten rings). again IMO the people handling the character for the movie dont have a lot to work with in regards to this character. they will get hate either way with what they choose t go with, example in case, IM3, so i think its a hard one to get right without offending anyone, same with a lot of characters. however marvel have done quite well with their current materials.

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