New official pictures from Iron Man 3

News Simon Brew 30 Nov 2012 - 06:21

Robert Downey Jr and Rebecca Hall are amongst those featuring in the latest round of pictures from Iron Man 3...

Marvel is keeping enthusiasm and interest in its upcoming Iron Man 3 quietly simmering away, this time by releasing a quartet of new pictures from the upcoming movie.

For your visual temptation this time, then, there's a battered mask, a spangly clean Iron Patriot suit, Rebecca Hall looking at something that we presume is not good (although her choice of footwear seems practical), and Robert Downey Jr in a black top, with facial hair.

The film arrives in the UK next April, with Shane Black directing. Expect more publicity materials in the weeks ahead, as the jostling for attention amongst next summer's blockbusters begins in earnest...


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Has it been confirmed that the red/white/blue suit will be called the Iron Patriot, even though it's not Norman Osborne? Heck, it even has Rhodey's name on it, so is it not just War Machine with a fanboi-confusing paintjob?

These aren't really new though, are they? They appear to be stills from the trailer.

Still, I suppose they can't really release too much now til next year...

I can't recall it being confirmed that it's called the Iron Patriot. It appears to be only sites like this one that are calling it that.

Well it's certainly not the original War Machine costumer from IM2, it's either new, or has been radically upgraded since we saw it last.

Cant wait for number 3

Maybe Rhodey's just a massive Captain America fan...

These photos tell us absolutely nothing new.

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