First trailer for upcoming disaster movie Into The Storm

Trailer Simon Brew
28 Mar 2014 - 07:21

Heading to cinemas in August: a lot of tornadoes. Here's the first trailer for Into The Storm...

From the director of Final Destination 5, Mr Steven Quale, is a film that Warner Bros is hoping will do a tidy bit of business when it's released this coming August. You can't help but feel the guiding hand of Jan De Bont's Twister in the background somewhere as well, as Into The Storm tells the story of a town that's hit by "an onslaught of tornadoes" - in just one day.

Quale wisely has assembled a broad ensemble here, led by Richard Armitage. But as this first trailer for the movie demonstrates, the main focus appears to be on the weather...

Into The Storm is due on August 8th in the US, and August 22nd in the UK.

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