Interstellar: the first full trailer arrives

Trailer Ryan Lambie 16 May 2014 - 18:00

Matthew McConaughey leads an all-star cast in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Here's the first full trailer...

Christopher Nolan, a starry cast, and wormholes in space. For the past few months, this is pretty much all we've known about the director's forthcoming Interstellar, such is the air of secrecy surrounding it.

Even the first teaser trailer, weighing in at two minutes, consisted of little more than a handsomely cut-together pieces of stock footage and Matthew McConaughey's soft, lilting voice.

Finally, however, Nolan's science fiction odyssey is starting to emerge from beneath its mysterious shroud - and if the trailer below's anything to go by, we're in for quite a cosmic ride. Can it match the grand spectacle of Nolan's previous non-franchise venture, Inception? We'll have to wait and see. But taking the director's track record into consideration, Interstellar could well be 2014's finest original science fiction film.

Interstellar arrives in UK cinemas on the 7th November.

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Looks very, very interesting. Not sure how else to describe it...

I'd describe it as "meh". Doesn't look all that great based on the hype it was getting during production.

And still no Daft punk soundtrack? :( Shait

Yes indeed looks interesting, and unsurprisingly Kubrick influenced. I am a big fan of Nolan's films and have faith that he will deliver again. My birthday in November too, nice birthday present to me. Cheers Chris Nolan ;)

Seems a tad bland, as far as trailers go. I expect that there's much more to see than this.

As an intro trailer, interesting. Will be good to see if there's anything worth noting in future trailers.

Not a particularly spectacular trailer but is obviously showing mainly character stuff. My guess would be all of this takes place within the first 30 minutes of the film, doesn't seem to spoil anything after that, which is exactly how a trailer should be! I'm incredibly excited about this film and the trailer has done nothing to dampen my expectations!

Ace. A trailer that gives you enough of a story to let you know broadly what the film is about, and doesn't give away the whole movie.

Ohhhhh - shivers :) I'm rather excited by this. Proper, big screen sci-fi like we have seen in ages (alright, Gravity last year, but ssh)

Alright, alright, alright!

Now this is intelligent sci fi movie making. And all those daft people out there getting excited about another boring Star Wars movie. You guys go see that. I know what I want to see. Something that challenges me, makes me think & doesn't have laser swords in it.... Gag.

Why can't those people see both?

Wooop. Looking forward to seeing this in the IMAX

Don't go out in the sunshine matey, you'll turn to stone.

Did you just bag on lightsabers??? Wow. Paul Wes Anderson wants to make a movie about your childhood.

The same people that are unhappy with this trailer because it doesn't show enough action are the same people that were unhappy with the Spiderman trailer because it showed too much action. Make up your minds.

Personally, I would rather see less of the movie in the trailer. Just based on director, actors, and synopsis this movie should be great. I don't need to see the whole movie condensed into 2 minutes to make me want to go.
Earth is in trouble. To save humanity a group of specially selected people have to test a spacecraft that can travel through interstellar space. Christopher Nolan directing. Sold!


"gotta love those redheads"

If we've all got any sense we will not watch any more trailers for this. It would be nice, just for once, to watch a quality film more or less cold. Damn the internet.

Balance is the key. See and hopefully enjoy both.

Well Gloryhole, it really depends on the movie doesn't it? I don't think the trailer for this film showed enough and to me it looks like a made for TV movie. The Spiderman movie definitely showed too much (yes, its a different movie/company/etc.) and I would've preferred a few untold surprises.

I am NOT sold. And the topic and Director are not enough to make me want to see it. Yet.

I saw this on the big screen t'other night and was totally underwhelmed. Made me pine for the woman with the ice cream tray.

Loved it! I was really hoping for a true Nolan fillm before he made those annoying Batman films and the still good but far too loud Inception. This definitely does reminds me of his earlier work. When he made films that were calm and quiet but still managed to blow you away with their smart plotting, well devleoped characters and impressive visuals. Admittedly he made The Prestige, his best outing thus far imo, after his first Batman film but this was before he found wide spread fame with The Dark Knight and everyone including himself expected a Nolan film to be loud and unsubtle. This trailer on the other hand really makes me believe that he's finally returning to his roots here. Someone mentioned Kubrick and I wholeheartedly agree with that. From what I've seen so far there's a definite 2001 vibe which only makes me more excited. Can't wait to see this one.

I'm coming back..please don't

Needs more horn.

Eh? What're you talking about?

Don't really understand why anybody would want any more than this from a trailer, this seems perfect - gives a lovely flavour of what looks like a really rich, character-driven sci-fi with a genuinely compelling idea at the heart of it, and looks like a film that's willing to approach a sci-fi concept by exploring the humanity of its characters and what that concept means to them. Sounds great. I really don't need to see more trailers that reveal whether or not there are big action setpieces later in the film to convince me to go, this already looks like something I hope will be brilliant. I think the modern trend of how trailers work has spoiled the fact that ten years ago this was all you needed to get you interested in a film - something that just establishes a tone or an idea beautifully and feels no need to go into great detail about it.

That was an amazing trailer, and I couldn't be more excited. Could we have another 2001? Not something that copies it, but actually matches it??? That would be interstellar.

"you know the best thing about high school girls?"

"I get older...they stay the same age. Yes they do."

It's a quote from"Dazed and Confused".

Dazed and Confused quote by Matthew McConaughey's character.

Looks great! Looking forward to this one very much.

Must watch prestige again.

Thanks. That made me giggle.

Well said. Couldn't agree with you more. I have a policy now to just watch one trailer. Even at the movies I wait till the trailers are over before going in or close my eyes and cover ears. Sounds silly I know but I like being surprised in a movie.

So he's coming back.... with a cure for climate change and/or world famine?
Uh, OK. I'll keep an open mind.
But really, Michael "she was only 16" Caine AGAIN!

"We must not think as individuals, but as a species". That's a very difficult concept for a western society to fathom. Looks good.

Yep. It's great isn't it? I'm not going to watch/read anything else to do with this film now. Going to go watch it cold -for once!!

Fingers crossed eh?

Here. Here. Let's all go and watch this one cold, and hopefully be blown away.

That's great. I've made a decision to watch all my films as cold as possible this year. One trailer - that's it. People are forgetting how to watch movies with no spoilers and I think it's ruining their experience. I'm not saying Prometheus was a great film, but I watched all the marketing beforehand and it completely ruined it for me.

I don't know. Is he trying to find a cure? Or is he trying to find a new planet to settle on? I think the latter is more likely. We shall see!

Quality film.

It's interesting what you have said about Inception being too loud. I've just been on the Intersteller Wikipedia page and apparently Hans Zimmer is taking a completely different approach to the score by making the the music more subtle and less bombastic. Both he and Nolan have said that this type of music is know creeping into other films and they want to change it. Cheers.

"Hear, hear". Call me an OCD-suffering pedant but that particularly misspelling gets on my royal bailiwick.

Your all wrong

That's nice dear. I'm sure your boyfriend sympathizes.

Groan... not another eco-film.

Nolan is an odd director for me... he puts together very solid movies, but his actual directing, like the actual shots, are always a bit dull I find. Like his visual style tends to be sort of flat and a bit murky... sort of like a mid-budget TV show but with darker lighting.

This looks like it could be really good depending on how much of the movie we've just seen. If that all happens in the first 15-20 mins, excellent, because we'll get to experience much more.
But if that trailer represents 1.5 hours of the film, then I'm not so sure...

A made-for-TV-movie? Wow, you are just trolling right? Before people stopped inviting you to parties, would you show up and say stuff like, "Ahh, chocolate cake? I hate chocolate." "Only beer, no wine? I would have had wine at my party."
And yes, it does depend on the movie. My point is that THIS movie, because of it's director and cast and the mysterious element of the adventure, should not show too much in the trailer. As far as the quality of the production? I guess that's just a matter of opinion. It looked like a real big screen movie to me.
Also, I agree that Spiderman showed too much, I am just a bit tired of people complaining no matter what, but I should not be surprised. Complaining seems to get a reaction more so than saying "That looks great."
Anyway, have fun enjoying nothing.

"Red's a good color for you."
"Red's my favorite color...."

Not so sure MartininOR is wrong. A bit too much I love you dad in this trailer. What if it's a whole film about the issue raised in the 3 min deleted scene in Aliens when Ripley is told her daughter has died of old age? I.e. We see the spaceship blink out of existence , then blink back into existence x years later and the film is Matt emoting over missing his childrens lives? Trailers are pretty shrewd weapons these days and this one has set phasers to unstun.

You HOPE there's much much more to see than this

I see what you're saying David. But since the movie is called Interstellar and is based on the work of a famous physicist whose name I am blanking on, I get the feeling it will take place in space and on a spaceship. I am sure they will discuss the fact that everyone they know will be older or dead when/if they come back.
But I am still not sure how this makes MartininOR right. All he said is that it looks like a made-for-tv movie and that the trailer didn't show enough for him to want to watch it. Is it "made-for-tv" because of the potential storyline of a dad leaving his family behind probably never to return and the family is sad about this? Or because of the quality of the filming?
If you're going to back a smug troller like MartinInOR, I would just like to know exactly why. Thanks

I did not interpret the comments as those of a smug troller. Just someone who voiced the initial thoughts I had after watching this trailer. The teaser trailer was interesting , ,speaking about great scientific advances. This trailer worryingly spent a lot of time on earthbound family chat for a film that we are invited to anticipate as a Science faction epic of the Kubrikian mold. Many parents have to leave their children all the time not knowing if they will return, when they work in dangerous occupations. To focus on this aspect as the "peril" faced by the lead character is just not distinct or unusual enough for an SF film. I hope my worries are unfounded but based on this trailer there is not enough to make this a must see at this point in time.

As far as I recall this trailer represents about the first third of the 2008 Jonathan Nolan draft which appears to remain more or less intact.

Ah cool, thanks for the info, definitely looking good then

Is it just me that's getting a real Spielberg vibe from this?

looks better than I thought it would. I assume Nolan now realises what a bizarre misstep and wasted opportunity Dark Knight Rises was and and now hope he fancies making amends. Looks like it could be nice and rounded, will probs be good I say

the actually shots are called cinematography something his films have actually won an Oscar for.

Now that you mention it, yeah. There is Spielbergian sense of optimism and sentimentality for the rescue of mankind, out among the stars. Almost like a prequel to Star Trek.

Agreed, I want to know nothing more about this movie than what was just shown, hell I'd have still been excited settling for the even shorted previous trailer. I want to be surprised.

Using 'gay' as an insult? Take your homophobia back to WorstPreviews, you unbearable cretin.


Mate, I don't even know what "WorstPreviews" is. You should get out more. The sun is shining.

Are you a fan of Tobey Maguire's first Spiderman film? Do you remember the scene when he is fighting "Bonesaw" in the wrestling ring?

Peter Parker jumps up on to the cage and says mockingly to Bonesaw: "That's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?". Remember?

It's just a bit of male banter - not homophobic. If you are gay - more power to you and I hope you are happy. If not, get some perspective. Cheers.

Why are people complaining about this trailer not having enough action? A good trailer, like this one, should only EVER explain the setup, using clips from the first third or so of the film. If that isn't sufficient in providing us, the consumers, with enough of a hook, then the narrative, and by extension the film, is most likely a poor effort. Trailers that are compelled to show action and plot revelation for the final act of the film, tend to be a sign of a film's mediocrity.

Secondly, those groaning about eco messages: 1. It's a major concern for our ever expanding and increasing species. Any rational being should have concern on this issue, since it has an impact on our children. Cane's character says as much in the trailer... And hey, if a film wants to promote discussions and over those issues (without getting too preachy), I'm all for it. 2. On a less contentious note, I'm pretty certain the film won't linger on the eco issue. I could be wrong, but since it's called 'Interstellar' and is about wormholes, I'm guessing the state of earth is acting merely as a means to send these characters into outer space, where the bulk of the film will take place. If anything, the film is probably about Murphy's Law, by the sounds of it, not eco issues.

All in all, I am pretty excite for this film.

Yeah I'm skipping the GotG trailer tomorrow. The teaser is the trailer. The trailer is 78% of the movie.

Very well said. I still don't know how you saw similarities between this well thought out opinion and what MartinInOR said, however.
I guess I just have more faith that all the space/sci-fi stuff was left out of the trailer and the intention of the trailer was just to set up the urgency and justification for someone leaving everything they love behind.

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