First trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Trailer Simon Brew 14 Dec 2013 - 16:00

Meet Christopher Nolan's first film since he finished The Dark Knight trilogy, as the trailer for Interstellar lands...

We've around 11 months away from the unveiling of Christopher Nolan's next film, Interstellar. As always, Nolan has gathered together quite a cast, this time including Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine and Ellen Burstyn.

And while most of the plot, rightly, remains under wraps, we know that it involves space explorers, a wormhole, and no doubt one or two problems along the way.

The first trailer for Interstellar is now playing before showings of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. And it's now landed online too. So without further ado..

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Bit rambling...could've done with a gobsmacking sci-fi moment to make me think "I want to see that"

shudder of excitement!



The Astronaut Farmer.

It's a teaser Jack with a year til release, I'm sure over the course of the year there will be more to see but for now that has me ready and willing to part with my hard earned.

That may be the worse trailer I've ever seen. Not inspired by it in the least.
Would much rather they wait until they have something tangible to show.

*teaser, not a trailer, and you look kinda stupid when you talk in hyperbolics. Worse trailer you've EVER seen? get real.

This feels a lot like contact, when the reality is that it's more Abyss meets Jurassic Park.

Wow. These comments are crazy. You hate reboots, you hate original must annoy the hell out of all the real workers you do desktop support for.

Then why didn't they tease the flick, rather than use stock footage for the most part? A clip of Matthew McConaughey driving doesn't count either. I want something to look in awe at!! A starship cutting through the void...

THIS IS NOT A TRAILER!!!!!!!! It's an advert for Mattthew McConaughey's new make up range!!!!!

Changing the way trailers are made? Yessss.

'One year from now'? If so you've got a scheduling problem with The Hobbit: There and Back Again, Warner Bros.

Also, what the teaser trailer says is true, if the human race wants to keep on existing we have to look at the stars and go there.

gee Americans love Americans

all that to see superman take off lol

What? Swimming dinosaurs?

That seems like a Syfi film right there.

Hell no! Yo tagline can not be "One Year From Now!", that wood mean a December release an' yo poster sez November 2014! (I don't know why I've gone all gansta but unless something's going crazy with time for Nolan this isn't all adding up I tell you!)

Bring on the massive trumpets?

This is not a trailer for the movie this is just a collection of historical footage narrated by Mathew McConaughey. Nobody would evan be interested in this movie from this were it not directed by Christopher Nolan. Don't get me wrong I'm super exited for this film and I think it will be great it is just a terrible trailer.

Awsome! No big bangs, no overblown emotions. No pointless heroics. Just a beautiful touching teaser that makes you at least a bit curious for the actual trailer. People who make trailers should take note of this. Hopefully the film is like this as well. I'd love to see Christopher nolan do a quieter movie again. Inception was great but it was imo too loud and too big. I prefer Nolan's more demure films such as Memento and The Prestige. Back when Nolan provided cerebral entertainment without feeling the need to cater to the masses with pointless action.

Not enough to comment on, but definitely not enough to make me snark on this either. I'll hold judgment until we learn more of the plot, the production values, and the people involved.

Nolan fan boys voting up your comment.

Soooo, it's about farming? They grow rockets?

This is one of the worst trailers I've ever seen in my life. It's a long, shaggy dog story that doesn't pay off.

Gee, the British hate themselves. I wonder which is healthier?


It's more being humble in front of others than being 'hateful' towards ourselves.

The British? Humble? (snicker)

I'm sure it will be good, but that trailer looks a bit like the opening titles to Enterprise

I'd love to be proved wrong but it looks like The Nolan rule of diminishing returns (since batman begins) could continue.

Classy trailer, but it doesn't tell us anything about the film! Still, I have high hopes if Nolan's at the helm.

Don't take offence please, but you're waiting to suss the production values in a Nolan film? Really? You might be worried that it was shot on Nolan's nephew's phone and edited in Microsoft Movie Maker while he was on a weekend bender in Tijuana?

Takes a while to get effects shots done, and with some of the better effects houses now out of business...

i loved the tone.
We forget how monumentally awesome the space race was, and how brave the test pilot meat heads were. Look up Jim Lovell talking about the "earth-rise" on the Apollo 8 mission. You'll see how unexpected beauty effects a man of his caliber, and then you'll realize your probably a pussy.

clearly Nolan get's that here.

p.s. - If you happen to be Buzz Aldrin, or Ciernan, or any of those cats, you can for go the "pussy" thing.

I don't hate reboots, I love original concepts. I hate sitting through 2 and a half minutes of a preview that doesn't deliver anything.

Haha, that's what I thought, "you gotta have faaiiitthhh of the heeeaaarrrt…"

A "teaser" is 11 seconds long. After hitting north of the 2 minute mark, it's a trailer...and a terrible one at at that.

And considering the talent involved with what's up on the screen, yes, this is the worst trailer I've ever seen.

3 seconds of original footage. Matthew crying looks intense though

It's a teaser.

It's meant to tease.

The fact this is all that has been released is great as it's leaving ALL of us wanting to see more.

I myself am annoyed we did not get to see more, which only means this teaser trailer has served it's purpose perfectly.

All I'm saying is I'm very happy that the entire plot hasn't been put across in the trailer. I know this is just the teaser, but Nolan's non-batman films have always had stories that weren't even hinted at in the trailers. Hopefully this is the same.

Also, is anyone as in demand as Matthew McConaughey right now?

DOG should know better than to call this a "Trailer". It's clearly a teaser, at best. Still psyched. Nolan has a long leash from me.

Lynchentein, thank you for the clue by four to my head. I forgot as to whom we are talking about here. Nolan has consistently delivered the goods in the Dark Knight trilogy, and with a story such as Interstellar (whatever it turns out to be), I don't think that anyone will be skimping in the budget or the production values departments. ;-)

There's a world of difference between what we think we would want to see, versus what the director would have us see. Here's hoping that it all works out well for all parties concerned.

A teaser trailer should be just that, a tease. How cool would it be for a movie to roll out with first a hint of perfume, followed six months later by an outline of a silhouette, followed another six months later by a flash of cleavage...

That's the way to lure the masses in. Bonus: you don't get any spoilers (or, to complete the analogy, bare breasted boobs smothering a baddie to death) ruining any surprises before you walk into the theater. ;-)

"It's a teaser."

Not at 2 minutes and eleven seconds, it's not.

>It's meant to tease.>

As in a child trying to annoy someone? Mission accomplished!

>The fact this is all that has been released is great as it's leaving ALL of us wanting to see more.>

No, it's not leaving ALL of us wanting to see more. It's left me with rolled eyes, and the belief that Nolan is fast tracking his career to become this generation's Michael Cimino.

This is leaving me extremely excited, and also leery. I've gotten so used to seeing the entire plot revealed in a 5 minute trailer that I'm lost...

If you look carefully, the script that his brother wrote (that this is based on) is available in the shadows....

Ooh, contentious! I like it :-) Whilst I thought Batman Begins was the best of his trilogy, I did also love Inception...

The movie isn't out for year...I have been looking forward to any look at it and this trailer makes me think that it will show what the next jump in space technology may be like and how it will effect the people involved and the world. Could be epic. It could fall flat, but Nolan has rarely dissappointed.

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