Christopher Nolan's new film confirmed and dated

News Simon Brew 9 Mar 2013 - 00:25
Christopher Nolan returns to the mind-twisting of Memento and the sci-fi of The Prestige woth Inception.

How is Christopher Nolan following up The Dark Knight Rises? We've got the answer...

If you had Christopher Nolan down in the sweepstake to direct the 24th James Bond film, then you can cross him off your list now (although it was never really likely to happen, in truth). In fact, if you had him linked to any of the vacant seats on big blockbusters, then the same applies. Because for his follow up to The Dark Knight Rises, it's been announced that Nolan will be making a movie called Interstellar.

Based on a screenplay by his brother Jonathan, Nolan has rewritten the script and will be directing the film, of which very little is known thus far. We do know that it's a science fiction space adventure, and when word first broke of the project in January, The Hollywood Reporter described it as involving "time travel and alternate dimensions, and [it] sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole". Steven Spielberg was originally set to make the film.

The film will be a co-production between Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros (for that read: it won't be cheap), with the former distributing in the US, and the latter around the world.

Furthermore, a release date for Interstellar has been announced. It will be in cinemas, and on IMAX screens, on November 7th 2014. When we find out more about it, we'll let you know...

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Inspired by Stargate episodes much?

Will it involve Bane?

Right, because no one ever wrote about time travel or visiting alternate dimensions before Stargate was made. /snark

Yes finally! A new sci fi film from Nolan. Inception was amazing! I was so glad when Nolan was done with Batman. I mean they're not bad films. I even liked the second one and I don't like any superhero film except Hellboy and Hellboy 2. But he could do so much better, just look at Memento and The Prestige. Two films that are almost unequalled in brilliance of plotting. And then I heard he got attached to Superman. I was outraged! But luckilly all wrongs are righted and Nolan get's to do what he does best: making incredibly intelligent films for a large audience. Can't wait for July 7th 2014!

Or someone with a raspy voice so you can barely understand them?

maybe a troll from the internet?

Dude, get over it. Stargate made those things known to everyone (almost) which isn't a grizzly bear from the mid 20th century so some of the credits go to Stargate.

No it has no credit towards stargate. The actual screenplay is based on a book that is written by physicist kip thorne.

This will have the usual stuff in Nolan and space/time movies: an empty city, someone on the journey pines for a lost loved one and will try to change time to see them again.

I would love to see some Daft punk action in this one :D

edit never mind, found it.
Anyway If common people know about wormholes and stuff it's not because of kip thorne I can guarantee you that.

It won't be Stargate either - DS9 had been using a wormhole as the basis of the entire series a year and a half before the Stargate movie - and DS9, unlike Stargate, actually used the phrase Wormhole when referring to it.

Also - Red Dwarf had used wormholes as plot points before Stargate, Star Trek: The Motion Picture had a wormhole in it and in Babylon 5 the main means of interstellar travel was artificial wormholes.

And - while not that many people may have read Kip Thorne, many more people will have read Carl Sagan's Contact, once again published way before Stargate - and which has wormholes as a major plot point.

Yeah whatever... your point doesn't stand. I can throw you another half dozen series/books which use the concept of wormhole and stuff before Stargate, but it doesn't mean it is known for that... And I said it introduced those concept to COMMON people, not to some hardcore sci fi fans. Anyway I don't see the point in having this conversation, who cares? I just mentioned it that's it.

BTW In B5 it wasn't a wormhole but hyperspace not the same thing.
Don't get me wrong I'm not denying the quality of those series, I'm a big fan of DS9 and especially B5. But let's face it, common people don't watch Babylon 5 or Deep space 9. It's sad.

I never saw an episode of Stargate...yet I know about wormholes...and I am a common person. How do you explain my knowledge of such things?

Ah - but those series and films I mention actually use the phrase 'Wormhole' - Stargate, to all intents and purposes, might as well use the phrase, to quote The Cat in Red Dwarf's Stasis Leak, "A Magic Door" and there are plenty of films and TV shows which everyone has seen or read which use an unnamed magic door to travel from one place to another - Star Trek TOS and TNG being a major user of them, Red Dwarf another, the Dark Tower book series (literally magic doors), Doctor Who (the time vortex is a temporal wormhole), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (which actually had a mode of interstellar travel called the Stargate network), there is passing reference to one in Blade Runner (Tannhauser Gate), Time Bandits uses them, The Beatles film Yellow Submarine featured them and so on - all mainstream things watched by the general public.

Quote from Stargate SG-1 season 1 ep 1: "The energy the gate must release to create a stable wormhole!" They use the term wormhole almost in every episode, I watched them all...
Every thing you're quoting aren't mainstream at all. Anyway I don't care at all.
Don't waste your time, I won't respond.

Sir, the fact that you are here , on a website called den of geek, tells us a little bit about you and it's that you are not some random guy who likes random things.
Good afternoon.

Its not because of stargate either. And where does it say that I said kip thorne is the reason? Star trek, battle star galactica and red dwarf used them way before stargate

Always interesting and amusing to see when someone realises they're too stupid to win an argument and signs off with the inevitable "Don't waste your time, I won't respond."

Also - You watching them all does not make you more right. I could tell you what it does make you, though, but this is a family website ;-)

The movie Stargate never uses the word wormhole. Not once. Watch it. The series followed several years later by which time DS9 had almost finished its run. Overall DS9 actually had better average ratings than SG-1 so more people will be familiar with a wormhole from that show.

Star Trek TOS used them many times. Yes, it was unsuccessful on its initial run, but when it went into syndication it became the most watched show in the world - there was a time in the late 80s and early 90s when there was always an episode of Star Trek on somewhere in the world all the time. Stargate cannot make that same claim. The entire Trek franchise (including DS9) was the BBC's flagship American import for the whole of the 90s airing at prime family viewing time. Red Dwarf, which often used wormholes as a plot point was BBC2's highest rated sitcom at the time. Stargate was bought by C4 which rarely beats BBC in ratings and was shunted from timeslot to timeslot making it almost impossible to follow.

The concept of a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen Bridge to give it its proper name, in physics has been around since the 1920s and was first called a Wormhole in the 50s. Anyone with half a brain who actually bothered to listen to their physics teacher at high school should be familiar with all this.

I hope you do respond. I really do. Looking forward to more of your flawed arguments. (Seriously... telling someone they can't be 'mainstream' because they are reading this site just beggars belief).

Greetings and good luck with your response!

Making intelligent films for a large audience.... So TDK then...

This whole argument makes me remember when Guild Wars 2 came out a few months ago and I running about a snowy, mountainous region and some random player said "Wow, this so like Skyrim" and would not be shaken from his belief that snowy, mountainous regions were not a staple of fantasy games long before his much beloved Skyrim.

Indeed, since the inception of video games in fact...

Just like the wormhole has been a staple of SF and Fantasy (both mainstream and cult), and theoretical physics, since they began!

When did someone try to change time in any Nolan movie? Following... No. Memento... No. Insomnia... No. The Prestige... No. Inception... No. The Batman Trilogy... No.

I'm sure in most of those films the protagonists would have liked to change time but not a single one involves an attempt to nor the existence of technology to do so.

Wait, Stargate used wormholes?

I always just assumed it was magic.



TDK is in my opinion not a very intelligent film. It's got depth which is rare for a superhero movie but it's not very intelligent. By intelligent I mean (I hate the word but am gonna use it anyway because it best describes what I mean) "mindfuck" So Memento, The Prestige and to some extend Inception. And if you want non Chris Nolan films: The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, The Sixth Sense. That's what I mean by intelligent films. Films that you have to keep up with to follow the plot and still find out it's nothing like you thought it was.

Not forgetting Buck Rogers, Babylon 5 and most importantly, DS9

Stop confusing detractors with all of your silly "facts" and such.

Ah sorry. That pesky truth, always spoiling things.

When the comment section is in ashes, then you have my permission to die.

Was interested when Spielberg was set to direct this, now with Nolan on board I am seriously excited! Would love to get my hands on the script but I'd bet that's impossible. I'm hoping for Inception-standard secrecy instead!


Some idiot seems to think that Stargate introduced the concept of the wormhole to the wider public (despite the fact that DS9 came first).

The Prestige is almost a perfect movie. It should be a litmus test to screen to potential friends.

dan, stop pretending you know much about sci fi and its use of wormholes, landerson is right

This and the Ryan-Gosling monster fantasy with Matt Smith both sound plenty exciting. The next few years look pretty good for the movies, can't remember being this excited for blockbusters in a while...

Science Fiction! Space! Nolan! Count me in!

It's a terrific film with one fatal flaw.


Once Hugh Jackman used the machine the first time, he didn't have to use it again and could have avoided every single messy possibility.

So I guess The Godfather isn't intelligent because it doesn't use a mindfuck. Apocalypse Now...that's a film that dummies could understand. You're confusing gimmick with intelligence. Not that there is anything wrong with a gimmick...but please don't call it intelligent.

Hey you got a point there,. Touché But I think you shouldn't compare a masterpiece drama with a little action like Apocalyse Now to a fun actionromp with a little depth like The Dark Knight. Whichever way you turn it The Dark Knight is a superhero action movie and not a deep meaningful drama. If you take out the superhero element and the little depth it has you're just stuck with a not so very special action thriller. That's why it sometimes helps to have a gimmick as you say and TDK has none.

I would like to point out that the plot of the film (that this article was all about!) does sound like it has a passing commonality with Stargate (not the movie necessarily, but SG-1 and SGA)... A team going through a wormhole, exploring the galaxy.. I'm sure once it comes out we can find common elements with pretty much all space sci-fi since the dawn of time, not just Stargate. After all both fantasy and sci-fi seem to suffer from the constant recycling of the same ideas in slightly different packaging.

let me guess there's a gimmick or twist at the end? like the Alfred hallucination at the end of TDKR?

hopefully no lousy fight scenes!

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