Dermot Mulroney joins Insidious Chapter 3 cast

News Simon Brew
26 Jun 2014 - 06:54

Writer/director Leigh Whannell announces that Dermot Mulroney is to be one of the leads in Insidious Chapter 3...

The third Insidious film, which is due in cinemas in April 2015, is in the throes of being put together. Leigh Whannell is scripting again, and this time he's also taking over the director's chair from James Wan (who is still working on Fast & Furious 7, having helmed the first two Insidious films).

The new film is going to focus on a different family this time around, and we now know the identity of one of them. On his Twitter feed, Whannell revealed that Dermot Mulroney has joined Insidious Chapter 3 as one of the leads.

Shooting on the film begins in early July. And the official release date is currently listed as April 3rd 2015.


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