New deal announced for Indiana Jones films

News Simon Brew
6 Dec 2013 - 23:06
Indiana Jones

That Indiana Jones 5 movie that keeps being rumoured? A big roadblock to it happening has now been removed...

Back when Disney bought up Lucasfilm earlier this year, the inevitable focus was on the fact that it now owned the Star Wars franchise. But with it also came rights over Indiana Jones. Disney around the time suggested strongly that it wasn't interested in pursuing Indiana Jones, and the talked about Indiana Jones 5 looked dead in the water at that point. To be fair, it's the film that Harrison Ford keeps getting asked at every press junket, and he keeps his interest alive. But things looked very much out of his hands.

They still are to an extent, but one of the very big stumbling blocks to a new Indiana Jones film has now been removed. For Disney has done a deal with Paramount to allow it to have full rights over future Indiana Jones movies.

Paramount retains distribution rights to the first four Indy films, but going forward, Indiana Jones 5 and any further movies are firmly Disney productions.

You'd have to say that Disney wouldn't have done this deal had it not been interested in making further movies. So maybe we'll hear more about Indiana Jones 5 after all in the months ahead. Hopefully, the character rights to Mutt remain firmly under Paramount's control though...


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