New deal announced for Indiana Jones films

News Simon Brew 6 Dec 2013 - 23:06
Indiana Jones

That Indiana Jones 5 movie that keeps being rumoured? A big roadblock to it happening has now been removed...

Back when Disney bought up Lucasfilm earlier this year, the inevitable focus was on the fact that it now owned the Star Wars franchise. But with it also came rights over Indiana Jones. Disney around the time suggested strongly that it wasn't interested in pursuing Indiana Jones, and the talked about Indiana Jones 5 looked dead in the water at that point. To be fair, it's the film that Harrison Ford keeps getting asked at every press junket, and he keeps his interest alive. But things looked very much out of his hands.

They still are to an extent, but one of the very big stumbling blocks to a new Indiana Jones film has now been removed. For Disney has done a deal with Paramount to allow it to have full rights over future Indiana Jones movies.

Paramount retains distribution rights to the first four Indy films, but going forward, Indiana Jones 5 and any further movies are firmly Disney productions.

You'd have to say that Disney wouldn't have done this deal had it not been interested in making further movies. So maybe we'll hear more about Indiana Jones 5 after all in the months ahead. Hopefully, the character rights to Mutt remain firmly under Paramount's control though...


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All I can think of is that Last Crusade was an apology for Temple of Doom and it was fantastic. Maybe the same thing can happen here?

Interesting. While I remain a firm non-fan of Indy 4, there were some interesting things about it. The original trilogy is one of my favourite things ever, so I'll always welcome another installment...with cautious optimism, of course.

Right on, let the buggers keep the Shia character!!

It's odd because while I love Harrison Ford in the role I also love the character and genre so much I would not necessarily be against recasting for a 6th film, if the right person was cast.

The idea however of the Paramount logo dissolve no longer being at the beginning is pretty difficult to imagine.

Bloody hell. Do Disney want to take over the world or something? Not that I'm complaining. I love Marvel. I love Pixar. I have loved Star Wars and Indie in the past. Maybe I can do so again.

If so it seems an Star Trek-esque alternate film rule may begin to apply.

I'd welcome another. Crystal Skull was fun. I wonder if Disney also acquired the rights to Willow when it bought Lucasfilm? There's potential there to make a film that's actually better than the original. Team Warwick Davis up with a now adult Elora Danan.You'd probably have to leave Madmartigan out though, unless Val Kilmer went on a crash diet.

Indy could easily be a Bond-like recastable character. Might be best to let Ford do one more and retire from the role before attempting that though. It would mean a chance of one day getting the great Indy fighting WWII film that has so far alluded us!

I'd love to see a Young Indiana Jones film. Something set in the 20s would be fantastic.

That would be great. The TV series was much too short-lived.

Bring on Indy V. (I'm a glutton for punishment that way.)

I think I can picture the Disney logo dissolving into Castle Brunwald from Last Crusade.

Two Words: KARL URBAN.

How bad could this be...
An Indiana Jones origins movie
Indy crossover appearance in Avengers/Shield universe.
Another script by George Lucas

"That Indiana Jones 5 movie that keeps being rumoured? A big roadblock to it happening has now been removed..."

Common sense?

The interesting thing? I read that Harrison Ford would agree to play Han Solo in Episode VII IF AND ONLY IF Indy V gets green-lighted.

And then this happens.

The plot thickens....

That is correct. Harrison Ford held out on signing up for the new 'Wars trilogy until he saw Han's story arc in August, he was pleased with that, and negotiations began in earnest. One of the stipulations in his contract in agreeing to reprise Han Solo again is that an outline for Indy 5 will be finished by year's end 2015 and a release date for Indy 5 by 2018 at latest.

please disney make indy 5 bring back spielberg and ford get the band back together please i beg you

Crystal Skull was fun it just needed tweeks - for one the real skulls are not that big! and I would have left out the whole aliens thing out completely!

as indy? hell yes! however I think he is the one that should have been his son

The whole thing needs to end. The same with Star Wars. They've done it all to death.

chrystal skull part two will be so amazeballfantasticsome.

all hail... Howard the Duck remake

Rule broken! Insurrection > Nemesis

temple of doom was great

With Harrison Ford playing Jones Snr.

I don't want an Old Indy.
And Indy needs Nazis to fight.

What???????? So Harrison Ford at 71 is going to do Indy and Han again? And so by the time we get Indy 5 he will be 75 / 76 years old?

Please No. The only way they could do this is to recast it and have him playing old Indy like Leonard Nimoy in the new Trek films.

Just let it rest in peace!! Look at what happened when they tried last time, Crystal Skull was universally panned and it was genuinely dreadful. But no, the laziness and total lack of originality in Hollywood these days stipulate that any franchises that stand the test of time and are still regarded as bona fide cinematic classics MUST be resurrected, rebooted, remade and thoroughly run into the ground.

Never mind the next Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies when is Disney going to announce the next Howard the Duck movie?

I've always thought Dennis Quaid would make a good replacement for Ford.

Yeah him or Matthew Davis should be fine choices!

I agree Karl Urban would be a great Indian Jones and forget about casting Harrison Ford cause he's just way too old now and can barely talk

But the Crystal Skulls myth do talk about aliens...

Why would you want to apology Temple of Doom ? Last Crusade was just a rehash of the first film, Temple was different. Another biblical artifact, with nazis again, wow how original ! The best things in Crusade were the new things: Sean Connery and the flashback with young Indy.

I have zero interest in seeing any film produced by Disney that isn't an obvious kid's movie. I don't know what they're thinking.

also gods which would have fit better with the indy universe

Going by those rumours regarding Ford's SW7 contract, we can probably take this as unoffical confirmation that Ford is in SW7 (if we really needed it). Also, take into account that Disney spent $4billion on Lucasfilm. They're going to want to make as much of that back as soon as possible (hence the SW spin off movies). I wouldn't at all be surprised if production ramped up on Indy 5 once SW7 opening weekend is over.

Crystal Skull was ok, it wasn't THAT far away from being an actual Indy movie... there were several points where I think that old magic did come back and I was like, YEAH! This is an Indiana Jones movie!
It's just they messed some parts up with too much CGI, not well thought out enough plot points, the ending, etc.

But it was WAY closer to being a real Indy movie than any of the prequels were to being Star Wars movies, let's just put it that way.

To say that Insurrection is better than Nemesis is like saying getting mugged and beaten is better than being mugged and stabbed; whilst it may be true, the fact remains they are both terrible.

Last crusade was the best of the 4! Temple was pretty stock standard.

Ha ha, this could be true. I've never liked The Undiscovered Country either though... does that make me a bad person?

Crystal Skull was NOT universally panned. It's just that the loudest group of people on the internet didn't like it (film geeks) so their complaints were heard the most.


I see your previous posts about Star Trek VI being great, hatred of GTA and 3D movies. Well I think Star Trek VI is poo, I like 3D movies and think GTA is good. Seems like we might be nemeses.

70 is the new 40...

Harry will have to work on his brogue.

I enjoyed the last Indy film enormously, and would certainly be up for more - though given Harrison Ford's advancing years (not to mention possible commitments to the forthcoming 'Star Wars' films), I'm wondering if now might be the time for Disney to consider another Indy prequel. Even if you take the Young Indiana Jones TV series into account - and there's no particular reason why they have to - there's a good 15 years or so of Indy's life in the 1920s and early 30s to play with, and plenty of scope for new adventures.

You miss the point. The gods and the aliens are interchangeable...

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