Indiana Jones 5 still on the cards?

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31 Jan 2013 - 07:01
Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg reiterates that Indy 5 will need a George Lucas story to happen. Lucas, apparently, remains interested...

In the aftermath of the deal where Disney bought Lucasfilm towards the end of last year, there was little mention of the Indiana Jones franchise. Disney at one stage was reported to have attributed no value to it when putting its sums together for the acquisition, which didn't sound promising. Furthermore, George Lucas has now stepped away from big blockbuster movies, and Steven Spielberg has suggested that his days with action cinema may well be behind him. We can't be alone in concluding that Indiana Jones 5 was looking very, very unlikely.

But it seems there's still a chance that it may happen.

In a new piece at The Hollywood Reporter, it's reported that producer Kathleen Kennedy - currently heading up Star Wars and Lucasfilm - may yet reunite with Steven Spielberg to make a new Indy mvoie after all. "I will not make another Indiana Jones film unless it's based on George's story", says Spielberg, with the article noting "Lucas intends for that to happen".

We'll still believe it when we see it, but nonetheless, it appears there's still interest, from the filmmakers at least, in a fifth big screen adventure for Indy...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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