Indiana Jones 5 still on the cards?

News Simon Brew 31 Jan 2013 - 07:01
Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg reiterates that Indy 5 will need a George Lucas story to happen. Lucas, apparently, remains interested...

In the aftermath of the deal where Disney bought Lucasfilm towards the end of last year, there was little mention of the Indiana Jones franchise. Disney at one stage was reported to have attributed no value to it when putting its sums together for the acquisition, which didn't sound promising. Furthermore, George Lucas has now stepped away from big blockbuster movies, and Steven Spielberg has suggested that his days with action cinema may well be behind him. We can't be alone in concluding that Indiana Jones 5 was looking very, very unlikely.

But it seems there's still a chance that it may happen.

In a new piece at The Hollywood Reporter, it's reported that producer Kathleen Kennedy - currently heading up Star Wars and Lucasfilm - may yet reunite with Steven Spielberg to make a new Indy mvoie after all. "I will not make another Indiana Jones film unless it's based on George's story", says Spielberg, with the article noting "Lucas intends for that to happen".

We'll still believe it when we see it, but nonetheless, it appears there's still interest, from the filmmakers at least, in a fifth big screen adventure for Indy...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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It's possible that they realised Crystal Jobbies was not the classic last-hurrah that it might have been, and have decided to really do a proper job to end the franchise with. Personally I liked it, a lot, but the deus-ex machina was a let-down. Reminds me of what happened at the end of Blade, where they originally created a giant CGI boss battle, which tested poorly because it lacked the personal element. That's when they switched to having a one-on-one between Blade and Frost instead, and what a classic showdown that was. Indy 5 should heed the lessons of the vampire hunter!

2 new Indy films? Brilliant, but can Ford still hack it 24 years later?

I hope in Indy 5!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!

I hope they make another Indy.

They are ALL fun films. Even the 4th. Ok, so the Alien thing was a little bit odd with no real conclusion. Didn't make much sense. "Not space, they've gone to the space between space." Er ok.

But I liked the film over all.

Count me in!

IJ4 should have involved Nazi's in South America (not Russians), and the old urban legend that flying saucer technology was due to Nazi expatriates, etc.

Agreed, I thought the aliens had wasted potential. They included the line about alternate dimensions but they never expanded on it. Nor did the natives provide any information about their "gods" so that was a little disappointing.

Still, I would love them for them to finish the franchise with a fifth movie like they apparently always wanted.

Apparently they always wanted to do five movies as far back as the 80's. Why five? No idea.

It's a shame they can't have Nazi's in the 5th! Nazi's really do make the best bad guy's!

I am trying to think what direction they could go in now?

Religion seems to work best, be it Christianity or... what was the one in Temple of Doom!?

It will most likely be set in the 50's again so, I dunno... something to do with Castro and Cuba??


It's simple really... haha ;-)

I don't know why he can't do it without Lucas. Lucas has ruined the series twice - first with Temple of Doom and then with Crystal Skull.

I heard there was an issue with a 5th one because Ford wanted Indy to die in it, and unsurprisingly Lucas didn't. Was a while ago, before the Disney buyout.

3 words Fate of Atlantis

I think they should just bite the bullet and have the old cast and crew walk away and let someone else take it on. Lucas and Ford are past their best for this kind of film.

Let a new generation take it on. Someone with a unique vision. Someone who gets 80s movies and has a Spielbergian sensibility.

Gosh is there possibly ANYONE who could fill those shoes, that Disney/Lucasfilm would be willing to take a chance on?

God, i hope not. Let this thing go already. The original is one of the greatest fiims of all time, the third one is just ok, but the other two are unbearable, unwatchable, and truly awful. Stop trampling over the legacy of the original already-- or at least stop making bad films.

Maybe we could have one where Indy takes on rogue apostrophes.

While i wouldn't put it all on Lucas, i agree that Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull are terrible. I firmly believe that they should just stop. The first one is genius, the third one is well thought of (though i personally don't like it), and the other two suck... hard. Let's just leave it at that.

Sorry I did not get my quickly written off the cuff reply sub edited before posting it.

Maybe Indy could take on the grammar Nazis next?

I'll pass. Get another writer to do it and I'm in.

Temple of Doom was set in India, so it covered the religion of Hinduism (though its villains were fantatical cultists and not true Hindus)

I agree. While Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull aren't on par with Raiders or Last Crusade, they aren't *bad* films - they're fun enough popcorn entertainments. I'd rather watch either over the majority of action-adventure films released around their times.

For a 5th installment, they should set it during the 1960's (since 5 years have passed since Indy 4) and they should fit the story with the b-movies of that era; like a Hammer Horror or spaghetti western theme.

Please God no. Enough. Leave it alone. By that I mean Spielburger and Lucas and Ford. If someone else comes along to make another and recasts it and reboots it like Startrek, fair enough, it might be ok, but its 90% more likely it will be rubbish. Do something new and different. Harrison Ford is now 70. He will be 71 in July this year. And he looks more like 80. He is too old to get away with it now, it was bad enough in the Kingdom of the Crystal Crap.....

I think they both shared a bit of responsibility for Temple but i still dont think its a bad indiana jones flick. Crystal skull was a bit of a crazy idea for indy though suprised they didnt use the monkey king that Lucas was desperate to put into one of these films.

Thought that honest trailer made a point on DOG the other day how many times in the film did they point out how old Ford was lol

A George Lucas story? Uh oh...

Nazis have been used twice. For a 5-film series, I think that's enough. I hope they don't revert back to the "safe" Christian theme either. I wouldn't mind seeing something new again. It's archaeology, supernatural, and Indiana Jones. That opens a whole world of possibilities.

Reminds me of an Eddie Izzard joke. Jesus is the 7th son of God. "A"sus, "B"sus, "C"sus, "D"sus, "E"sus, "F"sus, "G"sus. "P" did deliveries and "T"sus was always playing jokes. :)

What is with all the temple of doom hate on this forum. Its a great movie! It has a few silly bits but THAT intro, the mine cart getaway, the final rope bridge confrontation plus a classic soundtrack put it way above most of the gash Hollywood spurns out these day.

Agreed Crystal Skull was awful though. It was just terrible. If anything they need to make a cracking 5th film just to redeem themselves (bit like Stallone did with Rocky Balboa after Rocky 5).

For his part, Spielberg has been very consistent on Indy 5. He's always said that if Lucas comes up with a story for it then he'll do it, simple at that. The co-stars like Allen say the same kind of thing as well, so it's really all on George. He could, I suppose, pass over writing duties to someone else, if there's someone Spielberg would be equally happy with.

You'll never convert me on Temple of Doom, sorry. I've tried watching it too many times, with each attempt ending in frustration. I will give it a few points... the cinematography's beautiful (though the indoor scenes are too brightly lit), Ford's great as always, and the effects are great-- the mine-cart chase is especially brilliant. But there are just so many things wrong-- the story is dumb, there's a musical number in it (!), the tone is off (too light and comedic), there are zero interesting relationships, and all the characters that aren't Indiana Jones are just awful, including that "hilarious" kid, but most especially Willie. I want to stab out my eyes and ears every time that woman's on screen. And the whole thing just doesn't have the atmosphere, the feeling of history, that the original had. It's just a bunch of stupid characters doing stupid stuff in a stupid story. I pretty much hate that film.

I give Last Crusade a bit of a pass because Connery and Ford are great together, but it too has major problems (convoluted action scenes, forgettable characters (well, Julian Glover is always great), ho-hum story, shoddy effects...).

And yes, Crystal Skull is awful, one of the worst things i've seen in recent memory; not really any better than anything Michael Bay has done.

In my mind (and in my video library), there is only one movie with Dr. Jones, and it's called Raiders of the Lost Ark. And there's no "Indiana Jones and the..." in the title.

I'd love them to do an Indy 5. I enjoyed all 4 Indy movies, and loved the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles too. I hope that if it does happen, it happens quick, as Harrison is no spring chicken. As much as I'm sure he'd be up for the role, his age may prove a hinderance.

Indy is all about history. So here's some history for you AND it's from the 60's AND it involves Nazi's! Ready? So after WWII many high ups in the Nazi party escaped through the alps and across the ocean to south america. They assumed new identities and lives, and remain there to this day. But one of them took a treasure. What was it? Who was it? All I know is that Indy will have to start in Germany and work his way through all the roadblocks, distractions (a Nazi female sympathizer, of course), along the escape route used, across the ocean, into the jungles of South America (where there will be a pontoon plane and snakes), and track down this Nazi with the treasure he stole during WWII. Ready? Set? Shoot!!! You're welcome George. Don't F this one up like you've done with all your films since Return of the Jedi and those lame ass Ewoks. I simply just wrote you gold that fits in with history like the da vinci code. If you shoot it like I just explained it. You'll make billions, a few awards, and maybe die feeling like you did something right for a change. You're welcome. I don't expect an email, and I won't sue if I see this on the big screen. My payment will finally be something worth seeing from you.

There's been a sort of odd/even pattern to the Indiana Jones flicks with the odds being the best (Raiders and Crusade) and the evens being weaker (Doom and Skull) but still in my opinion fun adventure films. Though I do really like that both took risks to try new things (the pulp horror angle for Doom and the pulp sci-fi angle for Skull). While CRUADE was good, it did play it VERY safe with adhering almost as much as it could to the Raiders formula. Still, I won't deny that I think it's the best of the three follow-ups. I'd still like to see at least one more Indy for the road, and I think we should keep in mind that given how long Lucas has been said to be working on this perhaps we should take some form of re-assurance from the fact that he is apparently spending a lot of time trying to develop the story (and we've told has been since SKULL came out) and most likely in an attempt to get it to be the best he can. (Or perhaps that's just me)

Indiana Jones discovers Steve Jobs went back in time. With Elvis. And Chers underware from The Terminal.

If Harrison Ford is to play the part, it could be set in the early 50s and the villians could just as easily be Stalin's Communists as Nazis (not much difference between them, ideologically). Cheap for the costume department too - same uniforms, just change the insignia. If adventuring archaeology is required as a plot item, how about Indie investigating the Tunguska "asteroid" impact area and finding a herd of revived mamoths? Or should I stick to tobacco?

That is awesome, great much potential!!

Well it's better thank Indy 4.

John M. Rose

They need to come full circle with a final film and address the Ark of the Covenant again. Seeing a glimpse of it for 2 seconds was the highlight of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...which was an awful can't deny was just bad from the script to the CGI to the casting. The character, and the fans, deserve a much better final hurrah. And if Shia is anywhere within a 5 mile radius of production, he should be shot on sight. They could recast the role with an unknown (please) if they think there's spinoff potential with the son of Indy...that might be the best avenue to take since Ford is so closely identified with the role of Indy...a reboot might be DOA with someone new.

Hmmm JJ Abram i sense fit that direction

I think its time for a new Indy I think Bradley Cooper has the look of a great Indy and could take Indy on for many more films yet

Christianity seems to work best so I see no reason why "The Spear of Destiny" wouldn't be a perfect fit.

I wouldn't worry too much about Harrison Ford's age. Look what Disney did to Jeff Bridges in TRON.

They should seriously make another Indiana Jones film. But it would be more fun if it was still set in the 1930s... battling Nazis (in which the Nazis really did look for these artifacts) instead of communists (who didn't really care) would be great. Just finished watching all of the Indy movies over a five-day period and they were great..

The Nazis pillaged about 1/5th (20%) of Europe's artwork during WWII.. there could be one about some artwork or some plaster... also there could be a Spear of Destiny theme which would work well.

Exactly what I was thinking!

I think EVERYONE would want a Spear of Destiny one.

please please oh please don't let it be another lucas story. the man should have turned star wars and indy over to writers long long ago. his time came and went and he's just not that good of a story teller anymore.

Please Please Please! Make Another Indy. I Grew Up On IndYs.

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