Disney: no immediate plans for Indiana Jones 5

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2012 - 22:14
Indiana Jones

Disney hasn't just bought Star Wars, it's also got a share in Indiana Jones. But it looks like it has no plans for Indiana Jones 5...

Amongst the properties that have fallen into Disney’s hands as part of its $4.05bn acquisition of Marvel is the Indiana Jones franchise. And while much has already been made of what Disney plans to do with Star Wars (you can find our thoughts here), where it leaves the planned Indiana Jones 5 was also something we were curious about.

Back when George Lucas revealed he was backing out of film making, at first there seemed to be a caveat covered Indiana Jones 5. However, the movie has looked less and less likely since, with the Blu-ray boxset release, through Paramount, the last major activity surrounding the franchise.

Disney has, though, already answered the question to a point with regards Indiana Jones. “We didn’t assign any value to the Indiana Jones franchise due to the encumbances that exist”, said Robert Iger of Disney. That’s presumably down to the tie-in with Paramount, and Disney would be facing the kind of bill to the studio that it paid to get hold of the likes of The Avengers, Captain America and Thor after it acquired Marvel. As part of that deal, for instance, Paramount took 8% of the gross of The Avengers. No small change.

Disney’s immediate focus, now the Lucasfilm deal has been done, is the Star Wars franchise. We can’t help but feel that as consequence of all of this, that Indiana Jones 5 might just have finally been laid to rest (it was already looking much shakier, given Steven Spielberg's recent comments). There just doesn’t seem, given the studio’s current slate, much incentive to pursue one more film in the Indy franchise, especially given that it’s likely to be the last. If Paramount didn't have a stake? Perhaps. But it does, and we suspect that might be that...

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Disney, stop stalling and just come out with it! Willow 2, yay or nay?!

I'll put £10 on the reboot being announced in a week.

After spending £4.whatever billion, they'd be missing a trick not developing Indy... mind you, there is always Howard the Duck.

"Amongst the properties that have fallen into Disney's hands as part of its $4.05 billion acquisition of MARVEL is the Indiana Jones franchise". Correct me if i'm wrong. I know the last Indiana Jones film had more in common with Marvel superheroes and archeological adventures... and was COMPLETELY ridiculous. But i'm pretty sure that:
a. LUCASARTS owns Indiana Jones
b. Disney hasn't just bought MARVEL for £4.05 billion
C'mon DoG... SIMPLE typo... Simple, SIMPLE typo.

Seeing as how Harrison Ford is obviously too old for another turn as Indy, once Disney has bought out Paramount's share of the rights I reckon they will reboot the series with a younger actor playing Jones - either setting it in the 1920s/30s/40s and ignoring the previous films and TV series continuity, or maybe even bringing the character into the present day, Captain America style.

How does this sound for an Indy 5 sequel/reboot:

The movie starts with an old Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) on an archaeological dig in the 1960s. He accidentally unleashes some ancient, evil, supernatural being and it all kicks off - giving Harrison one last hurrah action sequence. Then, a macguffin transports Indy forward in time to the present day and rejuvinates him back to his prime (so we get a new actor in his 20s/30s taking over as Indy). Then Indy does battle with the evil being from the start of the movie, has a few man out of time humorous scrapes (a la Captain America) and is set up for a series of new, continuity unencumbered adventures.

What say you?

You're on!

Indie's one franchise that really needs to be laid to rest. Some characters and actors are too closely associated to go anywhere else with them.

As the recent Bourneless Bourne film proved, you kinda need the main character for it to work.

Indiana Jones 5? Indiana Jones 4 hasn't even been made yet.

I do remember talk of a fourth a couple of years ago but then had a bad dream about Shia LaBeouf and aliens being involved but no film was ever made.

It's a shame because I really liked the original trilogy and I'm sure a fourth one would of been brilliant, not awful and in no way would it have been ruined by George Lucas.

This article is terribly written. What's with all the random commas?

Have Thomas Jane as Indiana Jones!

It's not like Ford's getting any younger. They should hurry up... well not too much. We fans would like (nay deserve!) a better Indy sequel than we got with Kingdom. Two mediocre movies is bad enough (yes, I think Temple is crap; I call it a guilty pleasure when I'm feeling kind).

I personally want something that recaptures the feel of Raiders: an Indy movie that actually treats the world, characters, and other elements of the movie with seriousness, throwing in bits of humour, rather than putting humour front and center.

You know, if they're not going to make a movie, at least give us a cartoon series a la Clone Wars or a live-action series based on the premise of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which George never got a chance to make; Indy's college years studying under Abner Ravenwood and the years leading up to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Heck, those two possibilities excite me more than the (remote as it may be) possibility of a new movie!

Nay. A poor man's Lord of the Rings would just look all the poorer now.

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