Is Indiana Jones 5 happening?

News Simon Brew 26 Jul 2012 - 10:52
Indiana Jones

Could the planned fifth Indiana Jones movie have died a death? Producer Frank Marshall has given a brief update...

Earlier this year, George Lucas revealed that he was stepping back from making major movies, in favour of doing smaller, more experimental things instead. It’d been assumed that the one exception to this would be the oft-talked about fifth Indiana Jones movie, which all concerned seem to have been keen to make.

However, a new interview over at Collider suggests that the steam may be going out of the project. The folks there were talking to producer Frank Marshall, ahead of the release of The Bourne Legacy. Marshall has produced all of the movies in the Indiana Jones series to date, and he was asked if the fourth film, Crystal Skull, was likely to be the last.

“I say, for me, [Crystal Skull] is the last hurrah. I know that yes, we talk about it, but there’s no idea, there’s no MacGuffin”. And, as the length development of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull taught us, if there’s no MacGuffin, there’s no film.

Could it be, then, that George Lucas has lost the desire to do Indy 5? “Yeah, no he isn’t [hungry to do Indy 5]”, Marshall confirmed. “And he’s obviously passing the baton to my wife”.  Marshall is married to producer Kathleen Kennedy.

However, it’s the core trio of Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford that have driven the trilogy, and the signs aren’t strong for an Indy 5 if Lucas isn’t that interested in doing it any more. Ford turned 70 this year, too, which suggests the clock is very much ticking if they did want to do another film. Our guess? Indiana Jones 5 is dead.


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Thank God!

If only they'd stopped at three . . . .

Might actually be decent without Lucas on board...

Am I the only one who would like to see final chapter? I'd love me some more Indy, I know it's cool to hate the crystal skull but I loved it and had lots of fun in the cinema.

Its not "cool" to hate Crystal Skull. It was just a bad movie. Period.
I'm glad you liked it though (we're all different). :)

Get some cameos by Father and Grandfather and turn it over to his son. He is engaging and can carry it forward to finish this second trilogy. Crystal Skull in all its horribleness shouldn't be our final taste of the Jones family

What final chapter?
One where Indie gets the love of his life back and connects with a previously unknown son?

Yeah they should have covered those points in Crystal Skull.

Oh, wait...

I didn't mind Crystal Skull. It's not as terrible as is made out. It's stupid, but then so was Temple of Doom, and at least Crystal Skull didn't have a huge racist-comedy scene in it.

Maybe Indie films are like (or reversed?) Star Treks, every odd Indie flick is a great one and the even one's are just stupid fun.

The idea of the kid taking over the hat made me fret, but hopefully I can sleep easier now

I actually loved Crystal Skull too. People have a problem with the aliens but it's no more unlikely than the religious stuff in the first three.

If only they had felt this way 5 years ago the Indy trilogy would have been left intact.

Without Lucas- maybe.

But come on, who are we kidding. Once its announced death we will have to wait 5 years max before its rebooted.

Yes if only they HAD stopped at three. Crystal Skull was a badly written, badly directed mess, and Harrison Ford was too old to play Indy in that, never mind now. Did you see the pictures of him at the airport the other day? He looks 90 not 70. For some mad reason he has shaved his head. Its supposed to be for a film part, but it looked terrible. He really does look old and tired. It happens to us all sadly. Lucas needs to keep out of it and give it a rest. There are plenty of other ideas and films to make, rather than digging up this dead horse and flogging it yet again. It was bad enough in the Crystal Skull, if they started again by the time they get ideas and a cast Ford is going to be 72 - 73. Just NO!!! Leave it alone. Its over, it was great in the 80s when he was young and active, and thats how I want to remember Indy, not as a 70 something crippling around a screen and embarrassing himself and his fans. Remember how everyone took the smeg out of the Original Startrek Crew in the mid 80s for being too old / grey / fat /bald /and decrepit? They said they should stop and hang up their Phasors etc and they were starting to look silly. Well Indy 5 with H Ford in his 70s would go WAY beyond that. He needs to look for roles that fit his age better. For me Crystal Skull never happened. I dont own it on DvD or Blueray and I would not even waste the bandwidth downloading it if it was free. There are better ways to waste my time. For me Indy and co rode off into the sunset at the end of the Last Crusade and in the words of the fairy tales...."They all lived happily ever after..."

As much as I hate the word, they could do a "reboot", urgh I feel dirty now.

As in going back to the 1930s and a younger Indiana played by a new actor. But NOT remaking Raiders, Doom and Crusade. Have different stories, but of course get a good writer to write it, no flashy or crap CGI, try and use proper sets, make it in an old school way. For example Indiana Jones goes searching for the Golden Fleece, Noah's Ark, Lost Legion of Varus in Teutoburg Forest chased by a load of Nazis, there are thousands more of mythical and historical back stories to create a good plot from the Greek and Roman to Medieval.

Hell, Harrison Ford could even make a cameo appearance as Indiana's dad Henry Jones Snr.

Indy 4 does not exist in this dojo!

Making one that doesn't suck would be a good idea. The last one was terrible, especially the ending.

Why make a film for whinging trolls?

Crystal Skull was okay. No more ridiculous than the others.

Lucas should ban the use of the character to punish his haters. Let them think of their own characters to reboot.

Know when to stop?

When Indy 4 came out I didn't mind it, but after watching it the other day Ford is just too old. Mutt just didn't work. It's just got nowhere near the same energy and the first three. But who can do the same physical things aged 65 as when they were 35? No-one. Give up Indy

I agree Ford is just too old now. Although I enjoyed what Spielberg did with Tintin. What about a mo-cap CGI Indy? Its come a long way since Polar Express and Beowulf etc. Then you could make mid-30's Indy again, still voiced by Ford of course set in the 1930s/1940s with the good old Nazis as villians again...

I would love to see him do another he is still in great shape better than men 40 years younger than him.

Hmmm, did you even see Indy 4, with all the CGI gophers? Dodgy bluescreen dueling on top of jeeps? CGI ants? Actually you may have a point. Make Indy all CGI, even the characters, but not with MO-CAP, as it always looks freaky, but as in the style of Pixar. Actually, the point of Indiana Jones was that all the stunts were real, and that is what created the excitement, and the tension. It is just a shame that the powers of Spielberg and Lucas couldn't figure that out.

You are entitled to your opinon, but if you can't see the disparity between say...Raiders and Crystal Skull, then I don't think you were born on planet earth. (Not meant to be as insulting as it sounds, its just a bit of humour).

I tried watching all four movies recently, but I got bored halfway through Crystal Skull and turned it off. That also happened the last time I watched them. So I have decided that at the sunset scene at the end of Last Crusade, I will pick Darabont's "City of Gods" script, instead.

I actually love the Alien idea, I wish they had gone more down that route as George had originally planned. George Lucas was on the money with the 50's B'Movie element. I wish he had stuck to his guns, got a new director and recast Ford, but sadly George was bruised and beaten into making "Crystal Dull"

I like the Alien Idea!

I agree with you, Lovechild. This article suggests that "the steam has gone out of the project", but the reality, I feel (judging by the truly aweful and dreadfully disappointing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) is that the steam has gone out of Harrison Ford. That's no fault of his, it happens when you grow old. A new beginning with a new and younger star, and it might be possible to resurrect the franchise.

I think you are very mistaken. I believe that they wanted Indy 4 to look similar to the previous movies, not having to rely on CGI too much, and using "real" effects when they can. At no point did I ever hear them claim that the crappy CGI/Greenscreen special effects were intentional.

I've always contested that Hugh Jackman would make an excellent Indy, if they *shudder* rebooted it. The original three (note: THREE) will always be the best though.

It's not the's the mileage!

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