Independence Day 2 confirmed for 2015

News Simon Brew 21 Jun 2013 - 07:40

Nearly 20 years after the first, Independence Day 2 will arrive in cinemas in July 2015...

Well, the summer of 2015 got just a little more crowded. Already, we've got The Avengers 2, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, Finding Dory, probably Man Of Steel 2, Jurassic Park 4 and Star Wars: Episode VII amongst the big films vying for your money.

Now? You can add the long in gestation Independence Day 2 to the list. Fox has finally given the sequel the go ahead, with Roland Emmerich directing once more. The film will arrive on July 3rd 2015, almost two decades after the original, and a week before Pirates 5.

No details on casting have been announced at this stage, but with Roland Emmerich about to undertake a press tour for his upcoming White House Down, we've got a fair idea what we expect him to be asked about...

More on Independence Day 2 as we hear it.

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[We, er, corrected our earlier maths fail in this story!]

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Unless I've aged faster than the rest of mankind I'm pretty sure that this will be released 20 years after the original, not 10.....

Um, 10 years ago??

I thought I was going mad! 10 years???

War of the Worlds was released in 2005, so maybe that is the source of the confusion?

My lord. With all these 90s movies getting belated sequels maybe we'll finally see a couple that I've been waiting for...

Titanic 2 : The Voyage Home
Schindler's Christmas List

Um, it's actually 19 years. ID4 was released in 1996, remember? TWISTER, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, THE ROCK, ERASER, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (yes, Eddie Murphy's penultimate hurrah)... Ah, glorious, glorious summer...

Some films don't need a sequel, and Independence Day is one of them.

No Russell Case = No point.

Goddamn it Richie :l

Nearly 20 years? I feel so old!

Awesome year for movies! My wife wont see much of me in 2016 then (I dont get much time to go to cinema these days so I watch everything on Blu-ray in my home cinema room, which I would recommend to anyone who can do it as I actually prefer over low quality, grubby cinemas!)

No word on casting, but, if Will Smith returns, you can bet your bottom dollar that his talentless son will be thrown into the mix. That is, unless Emmerich says no. But, I'm betting Smith won't do it unless Will's Nepotism, er, I mean Jaden also has a role.I can picture their conversation now........

Roland: Will, I'd like you to reprise your role for ID2
Will: I'll do it. But I get top billing....
Roland: We'll talk......

Will: And I get to play the President....
Roland: Hmmmm....
Will: And, my son Jaden gets to play the main hero & gets his name on the credits right below mine.....
Roland: Get out of my office.....

Roland (on phone): Jeff, it's Roland. How would like to return for ID2? You'll get top billing. Have I spoken to Will? No. His character died after starring in a horrible Scientology laden scifi film with his son. A group of surviving aliens saw the film & hunted him down.

Another Armageddon?
Con Air: The Further Adventures of Garland Green?
Saving the Guys Who Tried To Save Private Ryan?
And, given his new found critical acclaim in the Superman move, Kevin Costern's follow up epic... Eaten By Wolves?

Not true, I've always thought the ending was insufficient. So these massive spaceships crash down to Earth, then what? The aliens have already been shown to be incredibly impervious to physical damage. Hell, one of them was halfway through being dissected after being in a spaceship crash and being punched by the Fresh Prince, he just got right up. You think that some of the millions of aliens that must have been on those ships didn't survive?

Agreed. That image of all the massed aliens on the mother-ship always made me think there was a bigger story to tell.

Braveheart 2 : Brave Hearter
or maybe A Good Day To Brave Heart?

Hmmmm....despite the fact that I'm always bitching about Hollywood not having fresh ideas, I wonder if there is mileage in this one. I was always a bit curious to know what happened next. Emmerich isn't the best director in the world, but seems to like blowing things up, so he is play to his strength.

...and at least it isn't a ******* reboot!!

Is that an invitation? :-p

I dont think this needs a sequel.

Not everything does. Why do we need to see what happens next? Earth was attacked, it won. Time to re build and move on.

All I know is we will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight. We're gonna live on, we're to survive... today, we celebrate... our Independence day... AGAIN!

"Actually, Turns Out There Was Another Mohican"

(Works also with 'Boy Scout', 'Action Hero' and 'Man Standing')

I hope they don't hit a massive reset button! This needs to be a world twenty years after the prior invasion! As well as the rebuilding from the devastation there should be a world with new alliances maybe even wars resulting from countries taking advantage of weakened opponents or the need for resources! What about the global scramble to get and reverse engineer the Alien technology. Mankind needs to be stepping out into the stars utilising what they have learnt. I hope that any future fight is far more even in respect of technology, maybe our technology is even superior in some respects! I hope that there are vast fleets of these Aliens and mankind has to come together again to fight against such heavy numerical odds! How about new earth colonies starting to be set up in the solar system being attacked by hordes of Aliens!

Maybe Will Smith is now captain of a new earth space destroyer, that would be cool! Interstellar combat!

could have sworn there was a sequel to Independence Day with Will Smith, Men In Black anyone?

alright then...

Falling Down 2 : Getting Back Up
Deeper Impact
Clueless 2 : Clued In
A Few More Good Men
Magnolia 2 : Alabaster

It would obviously be very offensive but I'd pay to see Schindlers Christmas List.

I think there is already a Deeper Impact - you won't find it in a normal DVD store though... :-p

Well, I'll have to look that one up then *cough cough* purely for research you understand?

I also like the prequel versions, The Penultimate Boy Scout. etc

Well... if it's prequels...

Defendant Air

Well Behaved Boys

Triassic Park

Getting Mr Ryan Drunk and Tricking Him Into Signing Up

Malcolm IX

Alive (I realise this is already a film, but it's also the prequel to Ghost)


You've Got A Real Letter, In The Actual Post

Interview With A Man

Invites Wolves To The Prom

From The Middle Of The Afternoon Till Dusk

As a rule I don't like to lol, but I lol'd myself silly, thank you Sir!

I'm not sure I can possibly top half of those prequals (seriously still lol'ing) but...

Some Suspects We've Not Met Before

On The Plate Of Madness

The Hand That Built The Cradle

Learning To Fight Club

Casper The Friendly Boy

The Hand That Built The Cradle - that's a cracker!

FYI, this was the best thread ever. Thanks guys!

Wouldn't the prequel of Fight Club be Debate Club?
How about an Independence Day prequel, July 3rd?

Thank you.

Yes but I bet the film studios writer rather than creating a film that deals with the issues that an object one third of the size of the moon exploding in orbit would cause, or hundreds of millions of refugees, potentially millions of aliens still alive, will demand that it be an alien invasion 2.0 film, with a bigger ships! and even bigger explosions, an probably a few iphones 7 for in movie promotions.

Personally I would love the film to reverse of what happens in the first film, with the aliens on earth fighting to be free, for their right to be independence, imagine an alien giving the same speech as the president in the first film.

Can we remake the Driving Miss Daisy movie but add Dwayne Johnson to the mix, Pile Driving Miss Daisy?

Sadly, that's also already a film... available in the same place as Deeper Impact

Obviously, a move against Disney for securing the biggest franchise in the world from them (Fox). But can Independence Day 2 even compete against "Titanic 2-On The Rocks", "2012-2013", "Broken Down-The RBS Story" or even "Star Trek-The Austerity Enterprise".

The hunt for red september?

Guys!! Stop it ya killing me now!

Yep it was a good summer, this old English boy was working summer camp that year and I got to see ID4 in one of the biggy cinemas in New York. Weird seeing it blown up and then walking straight out onto the street that not an hour and a half before was a fireball!

Sort of like District 9? That's a film that could do with a sequel, aliens come back for revenge!


I was thinking more of braveheart/Gladiator but from the alien perspective, with the humans being the evil British/Roman empire.

Don't forget "Flirting with Miss Daisy"

For the TV crowd:

Medical Student Who

Yes, District 9...I'd love to see that again on the big screen.

District 8

I honestly woke up laughing this morning from Getting Mr Ryan Drunk and Tricking Him Into Signing Up.

How about some Will Smith prequels...
Boys In Charcoal Grey

That's Going To Get You In Trouble With The State

Boys Who Are Gradually Getting A Reputation For Misbehavior


I Am On My Way To Having A Legacy That will Be Remembered

Who cares

Just what the world needed. A sequel to a crap original.

The Bullied Kid of West Philadelphia?

"They move from world to world consuming every natural resource then moving on, their ENTIRE civilization."

Now theres no way their entire civilization could have fit on a single mother ship so I'm guessing more will be on the way. Perhaps several mother ships headed in different directions and the one that came across Earth sent a distress signal just before being destroyed alerting the others to come.

I loved independence day and and I look forward to the sequel because most alien invasion films are 1-shot deals.. They kill the aliens and their ships crash all over the world and cities have been destroyed but we never get to find out what happens afterwards, what do they do with all this alien technology left they construct/repair ships and go to the alien home world for a little pay back? do they pick it all up and cash it in at the local medal dealers?. I want to see if they rebuild the cities and what they do with all the alien tech, I cant wait :)

Nobody's mentioned Jeff Goldblum

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