Independence Day 2 to get a rewrite

News Ryan Lambie
29 May 2014 - 06:56

The long-in-gestation Independence Day sequel has an update, as a new screenwriter steps in to provide a rewrite...

It's nearly 20 years since aliens blew up the White House in Independence Day, and Roland Emmerich and his team are quietly readying a two-part sequel. At present, little is really known about Independence Day 2 (or ID Forever Part 1) other than the much-publicised news that Will Smith won't be returning. Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are thought to be reprising their roles, however.

In interviews, Emmerich has mentioned that the sequel will take place 20 years after the original (appropriate, given that its release date is currently set for summer 2016), and that a new wave of invaders will appear to menace Earth. To balance the odds a little, our armies have harnessed some of the alien technology left behind by the previous incursion, which will be helmed by a new generation of characters related to those in the first film.

The last we heard, screenwriter James Vanderbilt was in charge of the script, but the latest news from Variety suggests that Carter Blanchard has been brought in to provide a rewrite. Blanchard's other projects include an adaptation of the 80s videogame Spyhunter and a big-screen version of Mark Millar's comic, Kindergarten Heroes.

We're just wondering whether, in the 20 years since the last attack, the alien invaders have improved their defences. Anti-virus software's come a long way since 1996.

More news on the Independence Day sequel as it comes in.


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