Will Smith "too expensive" for Independence Day 2

News Simon Brew 24 Jun 2013 - 06:08

Will Smith will not be back for Independence Day 2, confirms director Roland Emmerich...

Last week, 20th Century Fox confirmed that it was pressing ahead with Independence Day 2, giving it a summer 2015 release date. Roland Emmerich is returning to direct the new film.

Emmerich is currently on the publicity trail for his upcoming action movie White House Down, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, and inevitably, the question of Independence Day 2 has come up. Talking to the New York Daily News, Emmerich has now revealed that one major part of the first film will not be back for the second.

"Will Smith cannot come back because he's too expensive", Emmerich said, "but he'd also be too much of a marquee name. We have maybe half the people that you know from the first film, and the other half people who are new", he revealed.

Smith wasn't the massive movie star he became when the first Independence Day film was released, although his box office pulling power has been called into question just this summer, as After Earth's global take currently sits at $171m (with just $57m of that coming from the US). That said, he'd certainly add a few quid to the budget for Independence Day 2, and it seems as though the plan is to spend the cash elsewhere.

Independence Day 2 is set for release on July 3rd 2015.

New York Daily News.

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So, last Friday in the Smith household...

Phone rings
Will Smith - "Hello"
Roland Emmerich – "Vill, it's Voland Emmevich, Das Spielbergle aus Sindelfingen. Ve're finally doing sequel to Independence Day, and ve'd love you to be involved?"
WS – "Well I'm gonna need $20m and top billing"
RE – "Vell ist vey much ensemble project, ve just vant to know if you interested vight now?"
WS - "$20m, top bill and 5 points on the back end"
RE – "Vell, this ist very different from 1995, ve're not really in position..."
WS - "...and an EP credit..."
RE – "Vill, ve can't just give..."
WS - "...and I'm gonna need a roll for Jaden, with his name above the title..."
WS – "Roland? Roland?"

Omg u joking me then u may as well cancel the film

No Russell Case? No point to make this film AT ALL.

Judging by the last few Will Smith movies this is a blessing in disguise!

epic so true! I love Will Smith but his current obssession which his kids that cant singand or act its annoying

As long as we get Jeff Goldblum we're ok !

All roads are leading to Jeff Goldblum for a massive 2015 career
revival. I'd love to see him in this and Jurassic Park 4 in some capacity. If we
could just have another Fly movie with him as well, something like
'Clone Of Brundlefly' with his DNA taken from the transponder. I don't care that he's a lot older, he's always great to watch, hell I even watched the Glee episode that he was in!

... cruel, but probably true. I miss the Will of old...

He loves his kids - can't say I can fault him for that. But having them pursue careers that they clearly have no talent for...I sure can fault him for that.

I think all three movies should be combined. We'll find out that Dr. Malcolm was a clone of Brundle and the aliens were invading to stop the creation of a superior race capable of riding fly/dinosaur hybrids into space to conquer the universe.


Will Smith I can live without, but if it takes half the budget to make it so, then they MUST bring back Goldblum!!!!

Also, a great review of Independence Day part 1 on O & A (beware: lots of naughty words):

After the massive failure of After Earth, Fox realized they no longer need Will (and his son) as they could actually do more harm.

The Randy Quaid character. I think we can manage without him.

Right, I didn't remember his name - I thought you were referring to an actor.

don't get me wrong I don't blast him for that its great he supports them but he should listen when people are telling him his kids cant act or sing! or at least realise it him self

Can we have him dressed as The Elephant Man, like in The Tall Guy?

Will's like one of those Mums at the side of the stage during the X Factor auditions.

Not really fussed who's in it, I'm more interested in what the fk it will be about. Like, didn't we totally 100% pwn all of the aliens?
Is it going to be 2 hours+ of the aliens just being made to tidy everything up? Yeah, alien, rebuild the White House, hurry up! hurry up! You missed a bit.

Earth Girls Are Easy!!

Well seen as Russell DIED at the end of the first film, he's not really in a position to come back is he? Call yourself a fan willy2fly? I always figured the first mother-ship was simply a scouting vessel and that their failure would not go un-noticed by the aliens back home awaiting news of Earth's plundered resources ... or unpunished. I think a bigger force threatening Earth with tech we've reverse-engineered from the ships 20 years ago will make it a more equal fight this time and add a different element. I loved ID4, looking forward to the sequel already.

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