Mark Ruffalo dismisses Planet Hulk movie idea

News Simon Brew 1 Jul 2014 - 07:02

There may yet be another standalone Hulk movie - but don't expect it to use Planet Hulk as inspiration...

He's currently reprising the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk in Joss Whedon's now-shooting Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but Mark Ruffalo has ruled out one potential future direction for the character on the big screen.

Ruffalo had admitted a couple of weeks back that there seemed to be conversations once again over a possible standalone Hulk movie from Marvel. This led in some quarters to speculation that a Planet Hulk approach may be the way forward. That said, it beggars belief that websites would think should a thing. Not least because it seemed to have been debunked some time ago.

After all, Joss Whedon has already downplayed the idea of a Planet Hulk movie, but Ruffalo, chatting to MTV, has now done the same. "Planet Hulk? I don't think that's the way to go yet", he said. "I think you need Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators", argued Ruffalo.

He's got a point, but then the idea of Hulk on a planet fighting other gladiators is pretty much the reason some quite fancied the idea of a Planet Hulk film in the first place. Even more so if this man was involved...

We'll get our own coat, it's okay.

You can read the full piece with MTV here.

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Ruffalo is totally superfluous to a Hulk movie, they could have anyone playing Banner as no one is actually interested in Banner, the clamour for a Hulk movie is because the portrayal of the hulk and the fx that went into it were so good, as for the Banner bits, meh, give me someone who actually looks like Banner, a skinny nerd and that may of helped, People are only waiting for banner to change.


Ok then, 80 mins of Ruffalo talking about 'the big guy (groan)' then 10 mins of hulk smash, that'll work

Well I still think it'd be cool!

So they could have anyone playing Banner because it doesn't matter...but you want a skinny nerd playing him? That's cleared that up.

I don't want a solo Hulk film, instead have him cameo in the other films/shows, in between the Avengers films.

You're sooo, so wrong. So wrong. The first two Hulks sucked precisely because Bana and Norton sucked as Banner. Ruffalo, with a handful of lines and scenes as himself, knocked it so far out of park, it's in bloody space.

Personally, I'm not going to waste another bloody penny on a Hulk film if he isn't wearing the rags.

I wan both.

Planet Hulk would appeal to some geeks, but that isn't enough to justify the expense. Hulk solo films are enough of a risk as it is. Not happening.

I see him having more a Black Widow role - having extended cameos in other's solo films (like BW did in Iron Man 2 and Cap2) and then a main role in Avengers 2 and 3.

I don't think it's the way to go either. The whole storyline is a bit "done" recently as it's essentially the white saviour thing (but this time it's a green saviour). A wee bit Avatar, a wee bit John Carter, a wee bit The Running Man. Other than a few action scenes it wouldn't do anything "new". I think there are far better Hulk stories to be told.

I can see that. Not so much with Cap, maybe Thor if it's on earth (though I have an animated movie where Loki controls Hulk to destroy Asgard) and definitely with IM. However, he'd make an awesome cameo (not a big role like BW) in a Strange or Antman film. Just to pop in, but not steal their thunder. They need to get established first.

I was thinking Cap3 because Hulk, Cap and Winter Soldier are all products of the same serum...

That'd make sense, and I like it, but they seem to be ashamed of the Incredible Hulk. I've always wanted to see a follow up on the Leader, but what they did was write a comic about it. Sure I read it, but I'd rather watch it. Thing is, don't cha think Hulk would upstage Cap? Or best the cap out of em?

Was this entire article just so you could use that picture of Hulk Hogan?
If so, bravo!

Bonus points for the Suburban Commando screen grab...

Eventually but not yet

Well the Leader was under SHIELD custody so maybe he is now on the loose...?

I was thinking Hulk could be like Quicksilver in DoFP - one or two good scenes without being the focus of the film.

Yes, and it would be a great arc on SHIELD, Hulk and all. You wouldn't even need Ruffalo lol.

As for Hulk being like Quicksilver, I can agree up to the point of actual Avengers movies. In those I want him to be large and in charge.

Supposedly he's going to be on a team up not counting Avengers. I skipped those articles because there were spoilers for A2 on it, but if you're right, and he shows up in Cap 3, it'll give DC a run for their money.

Ruffalo in Agents of SHIELD would be good and then proper hulk for the avengers films.

Team Ups are the way forward for the MCU, especially if they don't do Cap4, Thor4, IM4 - have people pop up in the other ongoing franchises - Ant-Man, Dr Strange, GotG, etc.

Agreed on both counts. I can't really see Ruffalo doing TV, but Sam did it, so why not Mark? Besides, the Hulk can take over.

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