Mark Ruffalo: Marvel considering a Hulk movie again

News Simon Brew 18 Jun 2014 - 06:46

That new standalone Hulk movie from Marvel? It looks like it might be edging closer...

One of the very first self-financed films from Marvel Studios, back when it started to put together its movies itself, was Louis Leterrier's film of The Incredible Hulk. It was not an easy production, with Edward Norton reportedly not best pleased behind the scenes. The film opted not to follow Ang Lee's Hulk and instead restarted the Hulk story, and it would be fair to say that while The Incredible Hulk has merits, it's not Marvel's most successful production by any real measure. Edward Norton was not invited back for The Avengers.

However, one of the highlights of Joss Whedon's original The Avengers movie was Mark Ruffalo's take on the character, to the point where the clamour fairly quickly began for another standalone Hulk film. To this point, Marvel has resisted, although Ruffalo's role in next summer's Avengers: Age Of Ultron is likely to be reflective of the character's popularity.

But could the tide be changing? In a new interview, Ruffalo has now revealed though that plans might just be afoot for a new Hulk movie. "I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it", he said. "When we did The Avengers it was basically no, and now there is some consideration for it".

Ruffalo did caution that "there's still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be". But there is renewed optimism here. Until we hear more, Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be released next summer.

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"They just don't want to see him angry" and "YAY! Planet Hulk!!"

Just getting this out of the way for some original comments later on.

The thing is, I'm just wondering if Mark Ruffalo's Hulk has a little bit of the Jack Sparrow about him? It's fun to see him wander across the screen but he'd struggle to hold a whole movie on his own

This isn't needed....... this is UTTERLY BLOODY NECESSARY !!!!

Hell yeah. :):):)

This and a female superhero led solo film are my most wanted future projects from the MCU at the moment. It'd be fantastic if they could do both or either by Phase 3.

Considering Ruffalo's take made me go from "meh" about the character to "holy crap I love this guy, he needs a stand-alone movie" even before the Avengers was over, this is very, very good news. Get on it, Marvel!

I want to see him Angry. I just don't want to see him Ang Lee

I know what you mean, but hopefully any future hulk movie would sit more squarely in the Marvel universe. I'd like to see him team up with another hero, kinda like Cap and Widow in the Winter Soldier. Also, they could use a standalone movie to introduce She Hulk, which could be fun.

Boom, boom.

The fact that he stole the show in the Avengers makes us want more, but was it the fact that they saved him until the end that leaves us with that desire? I almost wish the scene in the Helicarrier was without the Hulk just to add even more emphasis to the end of the movie, but hell, it's still pretty damn perfect as it is!

You are probably right, but we won't know unless they try. I'd like to see them try.

World War Hulk! World War HULK!

Carol Danvers needs a film. I don't care if she's Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel, it needs to happen.

That's a good call.

Ruffalo is a good actor. but a Hulk movie is really not about Bruce Banner. a Hulk movie needs to be well over 50% Hulk. Not just two action sequences. Many action sequences. No disrespect to Ruffalo, but people aren't watching a Hulk movie to see Banner. A storyline like World War Hulk could work, especially since it involves other comics characters, but that story had virtually no Banner - which doesn't really leave Ruffalo with much to do. Is he, as a actor, willing to just be the voice for an entire film?

dude, don't make fun of Ang Lee's Engrish...

That's what I say.

Lou Ferrigno does the voice... so Ruffalo might not have to come in at all.

Before they make a new one, I'd like to see the extended cut of the first Marvel Incredible Hulk with Norton, which supposedly is about 45 minutes longer than the one we saw in cinemas.

The problem is that it would so friggin expensive to have the Hulk in the movie more than half the time. Whedon says in the Avengers commentary that he wanted more shots of the Hulk but it was way too expensive. A Hulk movie is not enough of a sure thing to bump up the budget above that of a Cap or Thor movie, so we will probably be getting a lot of Banner.

I have no idea how a solo Hulk film could ever work, I've not enjoyed either of the last 2.

But man do I wanna see them try again!!

I can't understand how the Hulk costs so much compared to the first Captain America or either of the Thor movies. They have to digitally create the worlds around the actors and for the Hulk I'd imagine the motion capture is the most expensive sequence.

Disney have a pot of gold, i'm sure they could dig deep into their pockets if they knew their was a solid return at the other side.

To be fair, the actual story that Banner told in the Avengers about how he tried to kill himself sounded fascinating, it's just a shame that the target audience would never be able to see those scenes

Hulk movies thus far have centred around Hulk being the "bad guy" who needs to be taken down, until such time as a new big bad comes along and Hulk has to prove his worth by taking down that bad guy. Boring and predictable! We need a Hulk movie where Banner doesn't just get uppity, turn green and knock seven bells out of stuff, but something with some depth, and where Hulk is actually a needed character to resolve a problem/crisis from start to finish. Until that happens, I fear we'll be stuck with the formulaic "Don't make me angry..." scenario which really doesn't lend itself well to a 2+ hour movie.

Excuse me - SHE HULK? Use a Hulk standalone to introduce Jennifer Walters.

I love Rufallo and would be interested in seeing a movie about the Hulk, but yeah; I'd be worried about the script. The Hulk is an extremely difficult character to write scripts for because he is so powerful.

Seriously, I have no idea why The Incredible Hulk performed as badly as it did. For me personally it was just behind Iron Man in terms of quality, and deserved to do similiar numbers at the box office. People LOVED Hulk in the Avengers (To be fair his handling was even better done than in TIH) and I think they'd be much more eager for another Hulk film soon. Seize the chance, Marvel, and make yourself even more of teh monies!!

You have no soul... ANY Hulk film is a gift from the gods.

I found TIH to be generally okay; far from the worst superhero movie I've ever seen, but not approaching the cream of Marvel (or DC)'s output (it didn't help that they seemed to be setting up about six sequels... which now we'll never see). I did, however, think the final fight was absolutely amazing. Whereas I felt the Iron Man one was slightly underwhelming (not terrible, but not the peak of the film you expect the final fight to be within the genre), TIH's climax was intense and intricate. And the casting was pretty good, with Norton turning in a very good performance (but- although I initially was opposed to the recast - I think Ruffalo has done an even better job with the role, even with his limited screentime).

There's a couple of fan edits with the deleted scenes put back in... and it makes a heck of a difference. Not that it would have sold more tickets, but at least the critical reaction would have been more positive with the extra material.

Its because of Ang Lee's Hulk was relatively bad and people are getting bored with the whole "Fugitive monster on the run from the army" spiel.
We need a Hulk adventure, Hulk goes to Asgard, or Hulk in outer space or just something to be more interesting than the same tired man hunt routine.
I get it, because it is the core of the Hulk's early comics but he's not been man hunted in decades in the comics (no one would dare) its now time for the films to catch up.

Switch it around so Hulk is the hunter not the hunted.

Coulson's SHIELD team could recruit Hulk to clean up the guys that were released when Hydra took over bases such as The Fridge...

I like Ruffalo, and thought Hulk was great in The Avengers. I just have concerns about the Hulk being the main character in a standalone again, after what came before.

I really dig Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Even so much that when I stumbled upon the movie "13 going on 30" last week, I thought: "Is that Bruce Banner flirting with Elektra/Mrs Batfleck while he is engaged with Wolverine's girlfriend Silverfox?" (The fiancee really gets screwed over in that movie at the end, and not in the wedding night kind of way.)

Planet Hulk first... but yeah World War Hulk for Avengers 3.
I can dream cant I!

dam I always get them two mixed round, but these story lines need to be done

Ah ok now that makes sense ,WWH without Planet hulk would seem wrong somehow.

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