Mark Ruffalo on a standalone Hulk movie

News Simon Brew
20 Jan 2014 - 05:58

Mark Ruffalo remains interested in a standalone Hulk film, and wants it to have an eco flavour to it...

Next year's Avengers: Age Of Ultron will see Mark Ruffalo stepping into the torn clothes of Hulk for the second time. But there's still continued chatter - and a sizeable fan desire - for another standalone Hulk movie, this time with Ruffalo in the title role.

The actor has been chatting to Total Film about it too, and how if the project goes ahead, he'd like it to have an environmental message in there. "As artists we have an ability to reach a lot of people in a deep way, and we have a responsibility", he said. "What we have to do as storytellers is to take science and make it relatable. I think we have to tell the story of the positives and what we're going to try and do. Give them alternatives but don't make it a polemic".

He admitted that his influence on The Avengers was limited - "if you took my screentime it would come to about  ten minutes, along with 12 other people I'm sharing the screen with" - but said that "if we get to a standalone Hulk movie, I'll have a much better chance to do that. I'm just learning now how to find my voice and bring it into the studio world".

Ruffalo's latest film, Infinitely Polar Bear, has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Total Film.

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