Ang Lee looks back at his Hulk movie

News Simon Brew
20 Nov 2012 - 06:38

"I should have had more fun with it", says Ang Lee of his 2003 film, Hulk...

For this writer at least, director Ang Lee's much-maligned Hulk movie, starring Eric Bana, remains one of the most underappreciated comic book movies of all time. Appreciating that it wasn't an all-action blockbuster, Lee somehow managing to fit what was effectively a compelling family drama within the walls of a  blockbuster movie. And while his Hulk had problems, it was the kind of ambitious take on the material that the subsequent, Louis Leterrier-directed version wasn't.

That said, while on promotional duties for the upcoming movie adaptation of Life Of Pi, Ang Lee seems to have a regret about how he approached the material.

"I learned quite a bit about CG from The Hulk, and I wouldn't have been able to do Life Of Pi without that", Lee told Vulture. "But it's easier to create an animal, because there exists a good reference - so a tiger or a hyena is easier than a 2,000-pound rage monster. The hardest thing to do is the weight, not the skin, because there's no reference for something that size that is agile. And the technology's improved, so you can have more details with Mark [Ruffalo]'s Hulk".

He added that "My problem is that I took the whole thing too seriously. I should have had more fun with it, instead of all the psychodrama!"

After the relative commercial disappointment of Hulk, Marvel, of course, went ahead and rebooted the franchise. But it wasn't until this year's Joss Whedon-directed The Avengers that the feeling was the character had been done full justice on the big screen. That said, Ang Lee's Hulk film is still something really rather special...


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