Ryan Gosling casts Matt Smith in directorial debut

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2013 - 07:29

Ryan Gosling has been checking out his Doctor Who DVDs, as he casts Matt Smith in his new film...

Ryan Gosling has been developing for some time his first feature directorial project, a fantasy adventure by the name of How To Catch A Monster. It sounds an intriguing project, involving a city that’s vanishing, and a mysterious world. And given the title of the film, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Gosling has recruited someone with a bit of experience in monster catching to feature in it.

Variety is reporting that Doctor Who star Matt Smith is joining the film, and he’s set to star alongside Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes in the movie. Smith himself has recently done some directing, with a short feature by the name of Cargese, that’s set to be screened on Sky.

More on the project as we hear it. If Smith could just persuade Gosling to appear in Doctor Who as well, that'd be perfect...


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You would imagine a Gosling directed movie to be a dark thriller or a family tale of woe. Still up for it though.

Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith?! Cool! Like bowties...

Interesting.Good to see Matt getting involved with another genre project after Clone and I look forward to seeing how a Gosling/Smith collaboration works out.I'm hoping he'll make the five year mark in Doctor Who as i don't think he's bored or less interested in the character yet but i'm sure this will provoke more concentrated speculation about his plans after the anniversary.

It be awesome if Matt Smith could convince Christina Hendricks to appear in an episode of Doctor Who. This film sounds really interesting.

Great casting! A combination of Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith sounds like the best thing ever.

This is great news. Matt Smith is a wonderful actor!

I would imagine a million geek girls have just had a fit of the vapours!

Count my ticket sold

not trying to flame here but im not a fan of either

Good, I hope this means he will leave doctor who if he is a hit with Hollywood, goodbye Matt . thank God.

Christina's performance would pop off the screen ;)

As recently as The Asylum of The Daleks premiere,Moffat was stating he was still writing long term plotlines into his stories and i don't think either Moffat or Smith would consider an event celebrating Doctor Who's history as an appropriate time for them to make their departure.As far as i've seen most of the people who have been most critical of their era are the people who have been loudest about the possibility of an imminent departure come the anniversary.I don't think they'll even begin the process of leaving until the BBC make a statement and decide on who they want to control the programme in the future or say something about making further series after this one.As far as we know,if the BBC plan to continue Doctor Who in the near future could actually be dependent on Moffat and Smiths intentions and the BBC's negotiations with them at this moment in time considering it's still popular here and abroad and i don't think they have anybody they'd prefer to be in charge of it now.

I'll be in my bunk. :)

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