First trailer lands for Horrible Bosses 2

Trailer Simon Brew 2 Jul 2014 - 06:34

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx line up for Horrible Bosses 2. Here's the trailer.

The first Horrible Bosses movie was, in truth, a better idea than it was a film. It had its moments, but was light on good, old fashioned guffaws. However, it was a sizeable hit, and this winter, we get Horrible Bosses 2.

The film sees the return of Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis, along with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx. There's a new director this time though, with Sean Anders taking on the job, having previously helmed Sex Drive and That's My Boy.

A first teaser trailer for the movie has landed too, which you can see here. Horrible Bosses 2 is scheduled for a UK release on November 28th.

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I actually quite liked the first film and it was definitely my favorite Jennifer Aniston performance to date! I'm looking forward to see what they can achieve with number 2, especially with the cast they have available.

That super cool slow mo scene was actually pretty genius.

I love the first film, perfect casting (especially Charlie Day - where is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the UK!). Can't wait for this one!

Charlie Day should be in everything. The first film would have been a write off without him.

Given that joke at the end, I'm not sure "achieve with number 2" is an appropriate phrase...

After that trailer I'm really not looking forward to seeing what Jennifer Aniston can achieve with number 2's.

that wasn't actually what I meant, but maybe I could have chosen my words better!!

Charlie Day was one of the best things in pacific rim.


Ok, I chuckled - which I wasn't expecting to. First one was the only time I enjoyed a Jennifer Aniston performance. Good to see her character hasn't been reformed.

This actually looks funny. Since the first one kept me laughing I might just have to check this out. Plus, Charlie Day makes everything better.

I just wish they'd done a mini-series with Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Ron Perlman and Idris Elba.

C'mon, those were actually the best parts of that film! More daytime robots next time around please/less forced Charlie Hunnam and Robert Krasinski storylines please.

I stand by my personal opinion that Charlie Hunnam is a terrible actor with a strange, distracting gait and a habit of using only one quarter of his face at a time when forcing out a line.
Charlie Day though? Idris Elba? Robert Krazinski? Sean off Eastenders!?!? A miniseries with Those characters would have been amazing. Absolutely amazing.

he has a strange accent

He does walk like he's shat everything.

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