Paul Walker to headline Hitman reboot

News Simon Brew 6 Feb 2013 - 06:48

Timothy Olyphant is out and Paul Walker is in, as Fox presses ahead with a new Hitman movie...

20th Century Fox is set to have another go at bringing the Hitman videogame franchise to the big screen, as it's been revealed that a reboot is on the cards.

The first Hitman movie starred Timothy Olyphant, and was directed by Xavier Gens. It grossed $99.9m at the worldwide box office, and no sequel was ever forthcoming. The torch is thus now being passed over to Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, who's now going to be playing the title role. Once he's shaved his head, presumably.

In the director's chair this time is Aleksander Bach, who's directed lots of commercials, although this will be his feature film debut. Skip Woods, who penned the first Hitman movie, has co-written this one with Michael Finch. And the movie is going by the title of Agent 47.

Agent 47 will shoot this summer, presumably with an eye on a release next year.


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Presumably, Timothy Olyphant passed on this rather than the producers not wanting him? As Olyphant's performance was typically good and, like many movies, it was the script that let down the first Hitman movie.

No No No... Why

Paul .............. charisma void .............. Walker ......................... BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No he doesn't look like Agent 47 either, who is a hulking great beast of a scary-looking man

Is that for a new Hitman being made, or for Paul Walker being cast? Both would justify it...

Reboot? Seems to me they've already killed it...

Shame, I love the games and thought Olyphant was great, though as stated the script sucked. Oh well, seems my hopes for another, better hitman movie is dead :(

Surely the mighty Stath is the skinhead of choice for 47.

Anyone else thinking Tom Hardy should have been cast for it?

Not only can he pile on the pounds and pull off the bald look, the man can act.

Paul Walker is not a BAD actor. I just can't see him in this kind of role?

Bald? yes. Emotionally detached? no. Much as I love The Stath, he would not be a good choice. Admittedly, Walker doesn't seem like a great choice either at this stage.

For Paul Walker... I think Luke Evans is much better choice. His co star from FastSix

Olyphant seems better suited to television. I enjoyed him in Justified and Deadwood but he seems to get crap roles in films. His Thomas Gabriel from Die Hard 4.0 was so dull in comparison to Simon Gruber, Colonel Stuart or Hans Gruber.

I mean i may be alone here but I like this option. Paul Walker was awesome in Running Scared. And he doesnt really need a wide scale of emotion to play agent 47

Isn't Agent 47 pretty silent? This is a good excuse for Walker to not speak and maybe I'll think he's a good actor.

I am intrigued! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

though he needs to be beef/lean up.

Olyphant's Young Cyber Terrorist pitted against some top actors given very very strong, old school bad guy roles. Don't think Timmy's to blame for such a extreme comparison.

Agent 47 has no personality, one of the most dull characters in the gaming world. I agree, Olyphant was pretty good as 47, better than I expected considering the source material.

it was a toss-up between him and Hayden Christiansen.

" to be silent and thought a bad actor, then speak and remove all doubt..."

But... But... But... Paul Walker sucks ass...


Thought they were the same guy.

Mark Strong. All the way, look at his IMDB page and tell me he doesnt look like 47. Oh, and he's, y'know, a good actor, not that thats important.

Shame that Timothy Olyphant won't reprise this role. He lent credibility and gravitas and a certain humour to it. Paul Walker is perhaps too lightweight.

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