Ryan Reynolds quits Highlander reboot

Feature Simon Brew 18 Jun 2013 - 06:32

Ryan Reynolds follows director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo out of the Highlander remake...

The planned reboot of the Highlander movie franchise isn't having the best of times. It's a project that's been in development at Summit Entertainment for many years, although for the last eight months or so, it's seemed in some sort of limbo. That's since, last November, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (of 28 Weeks Later fame) decided to leave the project. Since then, no director has been attached (Fast & Furious helmer Justin Lin was on board at one stage incidentally, several years ago).

Now we learn that the man set to step into Christopher Lambert's shoes as Connor MacLeod has also departed the new Highlander. Ryan Reynolds has now left the film, which leaves Summit looking for both a new director, and a new leading man.

That may, the report suggests, make it a little easier to find a new director, who can bring in their own choice of leading man. But nonetheless, it does seem as though the new Highlander is no closer to the big screen that it was two or three years ago.

We'll keep you posted of any developments.

The Wrap.

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A reboot of Highlander would work better as a tv show, I know there was one already but I'm talking about a Game of Thrones style tv show. Not network television but a cable channel that's happy with the violence that this needs to truly depict a war between immortals. As a tv show it can span decades, even centuries, a film just won't be able to devote the time needed to do it justice.

Well, the original film did. & was perfectly entertaining. No need for a remake. AT ALL.

Well yes, actually I'd agree with you there. But I think tv has come a long way over the last 30 years and is now often a much better medium for this kind of story than film is. The original movie worked very well, although it is very 80s, but if it was being made for the first time today I wonder if the end product would be anywhere near the quality of that one? Plus a lot more time could be spent on all the different era's in a tv show, and for me I'm more interested in those times than the modern day setting of the tv show from the 90s.

Reynolds was a terrible choice for MacLeod - lets file this under 'lucky escape'

Maybe he left this project to free himself up for a potential return to the "Green Lantern" costume in the "Justice League" movie?

I still would have liked to have heard his Scottish Accent! :D

There can be only one. Just not that one.

In a way I am glad this happened, because I was not really looking forward to this at all.

I agree with RichieC, if they are going to do this, it would probably be better as a TV show(hopefully they do it correctly and get the music rights from Queen again) because it could take off on a cable channel that shows its support.

Just imagine him doing a script reading of Shrek (in his Green Lantern CG costume). That was enough for me. Don't get me wrong, I like Reynolds, but the world is a better place without him pretending to be Scottish.

Stop it!

Nice pic. Give it up, DoG, that pool has Dead.

Oh thank you lord! Maybe the remake won't turn out to be a comedy after all...

Reboot Highlander?

Shurely shome mishtake.

Does this mean I can have my Deadpool movie now??

your shpanish ish impeccable.

oh, he was up for the spaniard part?

I'm glad it's failing. We don't need a reboot of Highlander. Or indeed of anything else for that matter.

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