Ben Wheatley confirms Tom Hiddleston for his next film

News Simon Brew 5 Feb 2014 - 06:27

Ben Wheatley's film of J G Ballard's High-Rise is set to star Tom Hiddleston, he's revealed.

Ben Wheatley is a busy man. He's been directing the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 8 for a start, the two instalments that will introduce Peter Capaldi to the role of the Doctor properly. And then he's pressing ahead on his adaptation of J G Ballard's High-Rise.

Wheatley confirm the news this morning on his Twitter account that shooting on the movie would start in June. Furthermore, he's now revealed that there's none other than Mr Tom Hiddleston in the lead role. Wheatley and Hiddleston? Yes please.

He posted the following image too...

More on the film as we hear it. It's been firmly added to our 'can't wait to see' list.


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I always thought they should make a film of this book. Looks like it's in safe hands :)

I had the pleasure of spending the best part of a day in Mr. Wheatley's company a few months ago. An extremely pleasant man, and wonderful company. I wish him we'll in all his endeavours.

Good. Great novel. Great actor.

lovely poster.

shame about the director... maybe this time he'll make a movie that matches the hype Film4 love to bestow him.

Amazing news. This looks like it has some incredible potential considering the story, the director and the star.

Ooooooooohhh .................. duck and cover people .... duck and cover.

Great news. Also great that Thomas is producing, hopefully the beginning of an interesting partnership.

I went to a Q&A screening of A Field In England with Ben Wheatley last year. He kept his cards very close to his chest when asked about his next projects and now I can see why.

A great novel and an even greater actor in the lead role.

All signs point to yes please.

(I hate Dr Who, but am now clearly going to watch the 1st 2 episodes of the new series. One of my favorite directors and now with Peter Capaldi, I may be converted... as long as there is extreme violence laced with black humour and lots of swearing)

Is it safe to come out yet!?

Actually ............... *looks around for rage comments* ........ yep, it's looking pretty clear.

Now THIS is a match made in heaven.

Ballard might well have written 'Sightseers' as a short story and Wheatley seems to have that skill in drawing out the truly disturbed edges of reality, those dark corners, those terrifying places in our peripheral vision, into the light.

Let's see a Ballard/Wheatleytrilogy in fact.

After this, how about....hmmmm... 'The Crystal World' and then 'Rushing To Paradise'.
Enough madness and hallucinatory landscapes to keep us all entertained.

I watched the kill list i think its called and that was a really unsettling experience, but I watched the film to the end. It reminded me a little of the wickerman (not the Nic Cage atrocity). I've not seen any of his other work but would be interested in seeing more.

I don't know how he has managed to keep the internet folk at bay with a comment like that, but I feel he deserves a prize of some kind.

did you F@*K

To the person who voted my comment down, I apologise for being enthusiastic about a new film.


You of all people should know not to do any Dr Who hating on this site...

Yes, you're correct. But I thought my 'may be converted' comment would stand me in good stead!

Sadly not.

Obviously he's been wearing his flame-retardant ring of trollness. It's only available by doing a run through the fabled Dungeons of Reddit.

Kill List IS very Wicker Man. And I agree, an unsettling experience. A horror film where the protagonists are contract killers; I don't think that's ever been done before.

can't believe i got away with that comment!

I'm not trolling by the way... i really do like that poster.

Fingers crossed for this movie though, i haven't enjoyed any of his films yet, but you never know what will happen.

Yes i think thats why i found it hard to connect to the main character. Have you seen any of his other films? I hear sightseers is good.

Yeah, the characters in Kill List are very unlikable. The only other film of his I've seen is Sightseers, which is good, but a VERY black comedy. Nothing like Kill List.

You hate Doctor Who D:

The poster artwork is really cool.

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