Nightmare Before Christmas director lands new project

News Simon Brew
17 Oct 2013 - 06:09

The brilliant Henry Selick is to take on A Tale Dark & Grimm...

Henry Selick is one of the planet's most underappreciated movie directors. Given that he's directed Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, the wonderful James And The Giant Peach and the flat-out brilliant Coraline, you'd think that news of a new project of his would be reason to bring out the marching band. But sadly, news that he's taking on Adam Gidwitz's A Tale Dark & Grimm appears to have been met with not too much noise. Thus, we intend to make some.

Selick actually has two films on the go at the moment now. The first is The Shadow King, a stop motion project that was in development at Disney, but has now been picked up by K5 International. Selick has written the script for this one too, a story of a young orphan with an incredible talent for making hand shadows, that comes in useful when they start coming to life, and have to do battle with shadow monsters. It sounds, bluntly, quite amazing, and hopefully we might get to see it next year.

A Tale Dark & Grimm meanwhile will see Selick taking on a live action project again, which he did once upon a time with the box office failure, Monkeybone. Yet Monkeybone, whilst bumpy, has things to like about it (boasting imagination in spades), and A Tale Dark & Grimm will follow two young protagonists who hold the key to breaking out of the dark ages.

FilmNation is one of the companies backing this one, and the thought of two new Henry Selick features has led us to treat ourselves to the special packet of biscuits we keep at the back of the cupboard. We suggest you indulge yourselves too.

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