Ron Perlman remains keen for Hellboy 3

News Simon Brew 17 Jun 2014 - 06:48

Ron Perlman on his wish for Hellboy 3, a film Guillermo del Toro knows how the film will resolve...

Thus far, Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman have made two Hellboy movies together. Both have done steady box office numbers, and plans were afoot to make a Hellboy 3. And yet over the years, for an assortment of given reasons Hellboy 3 is a project that hasn't come to fruition. With del Toro juggling a bunch of films - Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2, Justice League Dark for a start - there's the inevitable question of if it all came back to life tomorrow, when could it be fitted in?

And yet there's still hope. Ron Perlman for one has given a new interview where he's admitted that "I'd like to finish it". The actor added that "I'd like for there to be a third film because the first two films were set up for a huge resolve", adding that del Toro "already understands what the resolve will look like".

"It’s so epic and so deserved by the fans that hung in there for the first two that I really feel as though it’s essential that we make it.... I’m never going to stop trying to get Hellboy 3 made", Perlman said.

Fingers crossed then. We're rather keen to see Hellboy 3 ourselves...

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"Ron Perlman on his wish for Hellboy 3, a film Guillermo del Toro knows how the film will resolve..." WTF?!?

Its great Ron wants to do part 3 but isn't part of the reason we haven't had one yet because he hates the make up process etc

Must be a seldom used old english idiom.

Man, I'd love a third Hellboy. The second was very effectively done and visually beautiful, even if it strayed really quite far from the source material. Hopefully del Toro can push something in his schedule back and make the conclusion Red deserves.

Hellboy 2 is my favourite comic book movie of all time, the idea of a third and final movie always gets me excited every time the mere suggestion of it gets a breath of fresh air ... stop teasing me and just do it, please.

I so want this movie to happen but I don't think del Toro will fit it into his packed schedule before Ron Perlman becomes too old for the role. A real shame, Hellboy 2 is one of the best comic book movies ever and I'm sure Hellboy 3 could match it.

Hell Yes make it so

I, and I think I speak for a lot of people here, don't give two shits about any film Del Toro might make at this point that's not Hellboy 3. Give the people what they want damn you!

Dear Guillermo, on behalf of your fans and there general sanity of the movie going public everywhere..... make Hellboy 3 NOT Pacific Rimming 2. After that make At the Mountains of Madness NOT Pacific Rim Job 2. After that do what you want but NO PACIFIC RIM STAIN 2. OK? Good.

Interesting I'm not sure Mignola knows how it will end yet but if Del Toro does then I'd love to see it. For those who haven't already checked it out you really should read the comics they are bonkersly brilliant.

Man, i love rim jobs

I move to amend the motion, with the provision that Mountains of Madness may also be made, before, after or during!

I second Tonyas amendment and ask that it be given the same consideration as the original motion.


Not true at all. I know he hates the make up process, but that doesn't have anything to do with this film not being made.

I agree, also check out the BPRD spin off comics, kinda like the X-Files if the the weirdos that Mulder and Scully used to invesitgate were doing the investigating themselves! I really liked how when Hellboy disappeared it gave a chance for Abe, Roger and Johann to shine a bit more

I enjoyed Pacific Rim... and would like a sequel, however I would prefer to see Hellboy 3 firstm and At the Mountains of Madness FIRST

I'm all for this, but if Ron Perlman does want to do us a genuine service, he should find his old Vincent costume and go to the CW to show them what it is they should have been making.

all in favour, say Aye.

Perlman's 64 now, how old is too old?

God I loved that series.

I love you, DoG, but it does sometimes seems like you write articles on your smartphones...

Under all that makeup, would it really matter?

Three riffs on a 'rim' joke but not one Pacific Quim?
Hang your head in shame.

Know what you mean I've been catching up on them and Hell on Earth and the early days of the bureau, 1947, 48 etc have been amazing.

Yes, son?

I want to kill you.
Mother ?

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