Heavenly Sword movie gets a trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch 11 Jul 2014 - 05:51

Remember that PS3 launch game with the red-headed woman, a big sword and Andy Serkis? It's getting a movie...

Although it's a series that's hardly become a big thing, the fairly decent PS3 slash 'em up, Heavenly Sword, is getting a movie, though fans may be wishing for an actual game sequel. Oh well, never mind.

Set for release on DVD and Blu-ray on September 2, the movie will see the game's heroine, Nariko (not to be confused with Naruto) star in her own CG movie.

The story will be similar to the original game, seeing Nariko do battle against the game's antagonist, the evil King Bohan, who will stop at nothing to obtain the Heavenly Sword Nariko possesses. Alfred Molina, Anna Torv, and Thomas Jane lend their vocal talents to the project, with Torv reprising her role as Nariko (she voiced her in the 2007 game release). Oddly, although the original game's version of King Bohan featured Andy Serkis' voice and motion capture animations, the movie instead has Alfred Molina in the role, with a Bohan who looks younger and less menacing, at least in my opinion.

You can see the trailer below (via IGN), and if you've never played the original game, it's well worth picking up, especially as you can find it for next to nothing now.

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Never finished this game, just couldn't kill off Bohan. May pick it up cheap and have another stab (see what I did there?)

Is it er... Is it just me that thinks this looks like PS2/PS1 level of animation... good lord.

Can it be that I have seen something of a teaser trailer months ago? Even for a Dircect to DVD/Blu-Ray this doesn't really look good. They should have opted for a traditional animation instaid of this. Warner Bros. proofs that that can be very good with their DC outings.

Almost all of that footage seems to be from the cutscenes in the game. It's been forever since I played it but I remember at least half the footage.

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