Jason Statham to star in Heat remake

News Simon Brew 2 Nov 2012 - 06:35
Jason Statham in Crank

A remake of the film Heat is being planned, and Jason Statham will reunite with director Simon West for the project...

It's a bit of a treat for fans of The Statham this week. Two new projects that are likely to involve him were revealed yesterday (that'll be The Expendables 3 and The Mechanic 2), and now, we hear that he's teaming up with Con Air director Simon West for a third time.

The project that's brought them together is a remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds movie Heat. If you clicked on the story thinking it was a remake of the Michael Mann classic of the same name that was being talked about, you can breathe out now.

Heat is based on the novel by William Goldman, and it's about a heavy gambler who has to support his habit by taking on a variety of unsavoury jobs. However, things change when his friend is beaten up, and it becomes one man versus the mob. In the new film, that man will be Jason Statham. We do not fancy the mob's chances.

The film is set to start shooting in February, and is likely to be released in early 2014. You can be sure that we'll keep you posted on it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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I hope they name it something else because when I saw the words 'Heat' and 'Remake' my heart sank but once you explained it then I was a happier man.

That sounds like a Stath film.

Thought he worked really well in the Bank Job, not very Stath, good film.

Excellent. The future promises a lot of promotional interviews with The Stath all headlined 'Jason Statham on Heat'.


I nearly threw my iMac out the window then.

Clearly I'm one of the few that's happy to state that they believe the Michael Mann 'Heat' is a slow, bloated, over-rated piece of film making.

Jesus my heart nearly stopped there lol

'One man versus the mob' does seem like a job for Stath.

Haha, is someone at DoG deliberately trying to freak us all out?!

I hope that he grows a lustrous Burt-style 'tache for the role.

While Id agree its slightly overlong, I dont think its over rated, but, that said, every ones opinions and all that. This is good news, I dig Reynolds Heat like no one else.

you should anyway. hth! ;)

Oh joy.
More Statham, more banal drivel.

ha, wow, That whole "you can breathe out now" line is pretty accurate. I started reading this thinking "what!?!"

Yes you are in the 1% of people who hate HEAT. It is by far the greatest cop & Robber story,

Wasn't the Reynolds version the one with the stuntman falling from the building with the very visible safety line on his leg?

Whilst saying "If you clicked on the story thinking it was a remake of the Michael Mann classic" in the article, you know DAMN WELL that using "Jason Statham to star in Heat remake" would give the opposite impression. Your headline was purposely misleading. Shame on you DoG!

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