Harry Potter spin-off set to be trilogy

News Simon Brew 31 Mar 2014 - 07:03

J K Rowling's Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them has gone from one film to three...

It's been a while now since Warner Bros announced that it was delving back into the world of Harry Potter. It had been revealed that J K Rowling was to pen a screenplay for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, set in the world of Harry Potter but many decades before the character's own story. And she still is, but the plan now is to turn one film into a trilogy of them.

According to a piece in the New York Times, Warner Bros Pictures CEO Kevin Tsujihara has overseen an expansion of the plan, and now "three megamovies are planned", confirming that "the stories, neither prequels or sequels, will start in New York about seven decades before the arrival of Mr Potter and his pals".

It's unclear whether J K Rowling is writing all three screenplays herself, but as we hear more, we'll keep you updated...

The New York Times.

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Right, that's headed into ridiculously bloated/padded Hobbit territory then. Shame, although I hope to be proven wrong on this one.

Because there's no such thing as too much money.

Accio piles of cash!

Was there every nay doubt it'd be a trilogy? Watch this space for when they announce the third film will be split into two films.

Well this is an original story and not an attaption so it's not really like they're stretching materlial in the same way as The Hobbit so they can basically do anything. I mean, it's still just an attempt to cash in on Harry Potter, but at least they're moving into uncharted territory.

Maybe they split the first one in three.

I wouldn't be suprised if they put in some Dumbledore vs. Gridlewald stuff in or at least some Voldemort forshadowing.

I really hope this is a lame april fools joke.

I don't have the strength to invest myself into new characters the way I did for the 7 books and 8 movies. I loved those characters, I just don't think you can ever go back. She's written the books, I'm sure she's made her cash, why can't they pick a screenplay by another writer that also involves fantastic beasts or something similar (I'm sure there are a few screenplays just lying around executive desks) and create that, instead of just revisiting the same ideas over and over.

It could be interesting to see another story set in the same setting, but without the classical storyline about a hero having to save the world. Judging by the title I could imagine something similar to "The Lost World", where we follow an explorer about to write an extensive catalogue about the weirdness described in the books.

But Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is a published work, and was about 42 pages long.

"the plan now is to turn one film into a trilogy of them." Yep.

But this isn't directly based on that - the book was literally just a reference book for various Potterverse animals, this is gonna be an original story about Newt Scamander. If Rowling can get 3 stories out of it, I'm happy

But these films aren't a direct adaptation of that book. As I recall the plot is meant to follow the life that book's fictional author, which would be an original story.

It'll be a trilogy of trilogies by the time they start getting released. Then after a few years they'll reboot the entire franchise.

I can just see the guy who suggested making it a trilogy: "<knock knock=""> Mr Tsujihara... <knock knock=""> Mr Tsujihara... <knock knock=""> Mr Tsujihara..."</knock></knock></knock>

I think, if any film franchise was a good advert for multi-part movies, it was Harry Potter. If a film managed to cram in all the key plot points from its book, it usually wanted for atmosphere and tension, and vice-versa. Deathly Hallows was one of the few that managed to score highly on both fronts, and if J.K.'s actually holding the pen for Fantastic Beasts, I'm completely happy to indulge her.

I did bloody love the "Accio piles of cash" quip, though.

It's a film about the book, not a film adaptation OF the book!

Attaption?Not heard of that before

It's where there is no dialogue and the entire story is told through the medium of tap dancing.

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