Exclusive: the unused adverts of Harrison Ford

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19 Feb 2014 - 05:46

What if Harrison Ford's 'approach' to looking interested in the current Sky Movies adverts was used elsewhere...?

A while back, we penned a piece maligning the fact that Kevin Bacon - an actor it's fair to say many of us admire an awful lot - had managed to get himself attached to some of the most irritating adverts in modern cinema history. His attempts to shovel EE products made the days of the old Bacardi advert about the "Dog and Duck, down the High Street" seem almost idyllic.

But to the credit of Kevin Bacon, at least he tried. Another acting hero to many of us, Harrison Ford, can currently be seen sleepwalking his way through a new promo for Sky Movies. To say he looks disinterested would be fair. To say that whoever signed the cheque for his services at Sky must be querying their decision is probably also fair. If you've not had the pleasure yet...

And it got us thinking: what if the mighty Harrison Ford were to lend his disinterested manner to other products? We've, er, exclusively got hold of the Harrison Ford adverts that never were. Be kind to us in the comments...

Do feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments. Also, if you'd like to leave some feedback, then let us guide you by offering you the following options:

A) This is not funny. You're bad at writing about stuff usually, but this takes this biscuit.

B) I found this mildly amusing, but nothing more.

C) I think you had misread Harrison Ford's approach to the Sky adverts, and have done the great man a disservice. I hope he takes you for every coffee you own.

D) I can't believe you gave RoboCop/The LEGO Movie (delete in accordance with which you're the most pissed off about) four stars.

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