Harbinger Down: new trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 10 Jun 2014 - 09:03

Lance Henriksen stars in the practical effects-led sci-fi horror, Harbinger Down. The new trailer's here...

The rapid evolution of CGI means that traditional practical effects are becoming an increasingly rare sight in mainstream movies. A recent case in point: The Thing. Where John Carpenter's 1982 film was a showcase for Rob Bottin's extraordinary practical effects (with a few moments arriving courtesy of Stan Winston), the 2011 prequel was dominated largely by CGI.

In reality, the FX team Amalgamated Dynamics - previously responsible for the effects in such films as Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, to name but two - had created a range of icky practical creatures for The Thing 2011, only to have studio executives decide to overlay their work with CGI at the 11th hour.

Understandably disheartened by this, Amalgamated Dynamics decided to make their own science fiction horror film, which could finally show off their talent for creating practical monster effects. The result is Harbinger Down, a movie project that received $384,000 in pledges on Kickstarter last year. Starring Lance Henriksen, it's a creature feature very much in the vein of The Thing: there's ice, a group of increasingly anxious characters, and a hideous, shape-shifting creature.

There's no word on a release date yet, but as the trailer below suggests, some more details should be thawing very soon.

Brutal As Hell

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Hey look, it's The Alien Thing from Predator planet :D Looks cool!

It was a total kick in the balls what happened to these guys. The youtube videos of the original work they did for the Thing prequel are amazing, and only a moron would have decided to cgi over it all. I think I read somewhere that they did the creature effects for I am Legend too, only to have them cgi'd over as well. Awesome they are sticking to their own guns and doing their own thing. Hope this rocks! Either way I'll be watching this, and for damn sure I'll be paying to do so.

This should be the official sequel to THE THING instead of that naff prequel they did. I would take practical effects over CGI every time. Just look at the difference between LOTR and The Hobbit! The over-use of CGI in the The Hobbit really takes something away.

Nice. A THING reboot/sequel/whatever. Looking forward to it - can't have enough THINGs.

This looks really excellent! I'm really hoping that this might make Guillermo del Toro will go ahead with his vision for "At the Mountains of Madness". ^_^

Absolutely spot on Miguel, ...the production team and the director got f*****d over big time by the suits. All the practical effects were done on the prequel and the team worked their asses off to create a homage to John Carpenters excellent remake, only for the suits to demand crappy CGI. I want to see a version with the practical effects.

You had me at "Lance Henriksen"

Looks great. Hopefully the big cinemas will play it.

I'd like to get excited about this, but it just looks like a badly acted rip-off of Carpenter, without Rob Bottins imaginative creature design. Respect for using practical effects but that on its own isn't gonna make it good.

I can absolutely see the point in using cgi to cover up poor practical effects that aren't up to scratch, but the stuff these guys did was brilliant. Great they're taking a chance to show people what they can do. Never watched the prequel, but I'd be there for a practical-only version. Gotta feel for the guys who were told to do the cgi paste-over though, unless they're total dorks they must have been feeling pretty lousy.

Did they say tardigrade? I can't believe those little fellas can be evil, cute little water bears, awwww...

yep ; the trailer screams blatant The Thing 1982 rip off , frame by frame , creature design by creature design.

Well, it's clearly a homage to the best film in its genre- a film the makers of this, and those who appreciate their work, revere.
I don't remember a ship, female crew members, or a terrestrial threat in John Carpenter's The Thing, but then I haven't seen it for a month or so.
For a passion project being made for just over £200,000, with a huge amount of unpaid personal input from the makers, I'd say this is looking improbably great, and it's the kind of thing I'd love to see more of, but then I'm definitely part of the target audience.
Tranz4merz is out soon too, plenty choice for everyone.

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