Microsoft confirms no current plans for a Halo movie

News Simon Brew 16 Jan 2014 - 06:26

Following a rumour that Ridley Scott was involved in a Halo movie project, Microsoft has confirmed a film isn't on the agenda right now...

On the pile of intriguing videogame movie adaptations that were never set to be, alongside Gore Verbinski's take on Bioshock, is the Halo movie. It was once being shepherded by Peter Jackson and Neill Biomkamp, but as costs escalated, it headed back to development hell, and it's not been seen since.

That doesn't stop the occasional rumour springing up of course, and this week, it was said that Ridley Scott would be producing a big screen take on the Halo games. In effect, that the film project was still on. Microsoft, however, has iterated that it very much isn't.

In the midst of a PR blah statement that it released to Eurogamer, Microsoft finally got to the nub of matters, saying that "we plan to continue telling the Halo story through innovative channels, but there are no plans for a Halo motion picture at this time".

Instead, the focus will inevitably remain on the games themselves, but also the previously announced television series that's heading to Xbox Live (which Steven Spielberg is involved with).


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It seems like everyones afraid to touch this. I do hope someones brave enough to take it on

I can imagine working under Microsoft's supervision could be stressful. Truth be told, if the biggest company in the world really wanted to back a movie of a franchise they own, they could and it would hardly make a dent in their pocket! Funniest suggestion I read was the following from an IMDB board post about casting

Chris Hemsworth as Chris-117/Master Chief.

Anne Hathaway as Cortana.

Tom Hanks as Captain Jacob Keyes.

Liam Neeson as 343 Guilty Spark (Voice).

Viola Davis as Foe Hammer (Echo 419).

Denzel Washington as Sgt. Johnson

So... Microsoft is confirming that there is nothing to confirm?

Also, are they not doing some kind of Netflix thingy for the XBox one with Spielberg?


I thought Apple was the biggest now? The irony that they introduced Halo "running on a Mac" to the world before Microsoft scooped-up Bungie is not lost on me.

I know it worked for Dredd (because it's an integral part of his character), but I have trouble imagining this film working with the main character's face hidden behind a helmet the whole time.

I can also confirm that I am not planning a movie of 3D Ant Attack on the ZX Spectrum.

but then it didn't work for the Judge Dredd Stallone movie. Does Karl Urban's Dredd not back up that it is not needed.

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