George Clooney to direct film of British phone hacking scandal

News Simon Brew
4 Sep 2014 - 06:45
George Clooney

George Clooney is to make a film of the phone hacking scandal that engulfed the News Of The World newspaper...

George Clooney has picked his new directorial project following The Monuments Men, and he's set to bring the story of the British tabloid phone hacking scandal to the screen.

The scandal, of journalists within Rupert Murdoch's new empire hacking the mobile phones of dozens of people, led to the eventual closure of the News Of The World newspaper of course. And its ramifications continue to be felt.

You'll probably not be surprised to hear that this will not be a 20th Century Fox film (Fox having put out Clooney's last movie). Instead, Sony is backing the project.

The film is going to adapt Nick Davies' book Hack Attack, and Clooney said that "this has all the elements - lying, corruption, blackmail - at the highest levels of government by the biggest newspaper in London. And the fact that it's true is the best part".

Shooting on the project will begin next year.

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