James Gunn reveals Joss Whedon's influence on Thanos

News Simon Brew 11 Jul 2014 - 07:34

Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn touches briefly on the influence of Joss Whedon...

Big things are expected of the character of Thanos in future Marvel projects, following his post-credits appearance at the end of The Avengers in 2012. Thanos is set to turn up next in James Gunn's incoming Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the director - on the promotional tour for the film - has revealed that he wasn't the only one involved in casting the character.

"We had to work together in casting Thanos", he admitted, revealing that Joss Whedon was involved in the decision too. Whedon, currently directing Avengers: Age Of Ultron, had a hand in the Guardians Of The Galaxy screenplay too. And Gunn confirmed that "Thanos is gonna appear in stuff that I do, as well as stuff that Joss does".

All common sense, then. And the majority of roads in the land of Marvel movies seem to stop off at Joss Whedon's cafe somewhere along the line...

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So... when is Fox going to cancel Marvel then?

Nice that the franchise fusion occurs on the artists' level too, not just in a studio boardroom.

I'm really hoping that Guardians is Cineworld's Secret Screening on Tuesday!

Yes Whedon is the man...Firefly and Avengers gives him lifetime pass, not to mention Dr Horrible.

I wasn't bothered about this till I heard Chris Foss had designed the spaceships, will see it now.

Joss Whedon has a cafe? That would be awesome

The time stated on the screening is 145 mins. GoTG is 120 plus 25ish for ads, so 145. Also its 3D, so eliminating some upcoming films and it won't be too violent a flick to show to an unsuspecting audience, so won't be Sin City 2. Frick I have thought about this too much. It's definitely GoTG.

It's in between HISHE's Super Café and The Villian Pub.

After Thanos, Galactus! We can only hope (that the Fantastic Four reboot tanks).

I thought the secret cineworld screening was a 15? GOTG is bound to be a 12A

at 145 mins the only film i can think of coming out that is that long is the new transformers

What a pretentious comment.

The Galactus cloud was awful

I bloody hope it's GOTG! I think the running time and certificate are to throw people off. I've read a few places and they are sayings Apes, but that would be ridiculous as it comes out two days later....

That's already out, thenSecret Screening is a new film.

I've a feeling they do that to throw people off? I don't think it will be 145 either, unless that does include adverts and trailers.

Your profile picture is marvellous!

I believe his name is Trank!

LOL Thank you :D

Probably Hercules, they haven't announced the running time of it yet

Wasn't meant to be just came out wrong. Would like to see more Chris Foss.

It's an all-you-can-eat Buffy

+ Buffy!
In my opinion, that's his best.


Just don't let Summer Glau anywhere near it.

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